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Jeep Wrangler

In its current generation and as a four-door long version, the Jeep Wrangler does not belong to the SUV vehicle category, but to the classic off-road vehicle. Its resolute cross-country mobility is reminiscent of 4 × 4 veterans such as the Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover Defender and Suzuki's traditional vole Jimny.

In 2018 the fourth generation of the Jeep Wrangler was presented. Some things are new, many things as they were before. Although there are almost eight decades in between, the design is basically similar to that of the Willys MB Jeep from 1942 and that of the first Wrangler YJ from 1987. The advances compared to the previous model are nevertheless noticeable everywhere in the Wrangler JL generation. Especially in driving and comfort, but also in detail.

You can feel it right from the start. The hacky door handles of the previous model are history, the dismantling of the hardtop (one of several roof options) is faster and the windshield is more inclined. What does that bring? Lower consumption of the engines, of which the 270 hp four-cylinder gasoline engine is the latest.

The petrol engine, which works more cultivated than the well-known diesel, and the revised chassis, which offers the best suspension comfort in the long version with 3.0 meter wheelbase, ensure that the Jeep Wrangler can meet the demands of a family despite its enormous burrowing qualities in terms of comfort and suitability for everyday use.

Because the 4.88 meter long four-door model (values ​​in the technical data in brackets) offers acceptable proportions on the back seat (only tall adults pull their legs back) and a volume of up to 1,059 liters in the trunk, 70 percent of customers choose for the four-door Wrangler variant.

The 4.33 meter short two-door model (wheelbase: 2.46 meters) in the tough Rubicon variant that we drove in the test is the best way to get far off the road. The Wrangler proved how safe it is today with the automatic all-wheel drive and all-wheel reduction in the test in difficult terrain. With the 4 × 4 drive activated, the fourth generation of the Jeep also climbs the highest peaks.

As in the past, and yet today - with LED headlights, contemporary infotainment and fast smartphone integration, the modern world has arrived in the Wrangler. Not yet when it comes to security. For that, the Wrangler did not collect enough stars in the crash test.

Nevertheless, a Jeep Wrangler has never been as convincing as the JL generation in the test. With improved road behavior, better comfort and more extensive multimedia, without which it is no longer possible even in the most rustic jeep today.

This test reveals whether the whole of modernity is compatible with the original concept, whether the four-cylinder petrol engine fits, which equipment line is the right one and whether the modernized Wrangler also has the typical Wrangler feeling.

Technical specifications

length4.33 / 4.88 meters
width1.89 meters
height1.82 to 1.90 meters
Trunk volume203 to 508
(548 to 1,059) liters
Empty weight1,883 to 2,065
(2,013 to 2,197) kilograms
Payload350 to 432
(433 to 561) kilograms
maximum weight allowed2,313 to 2,415
(2,494 to 2,630) kilograms
Permitted trailer load
unbraked / braked
750 kilograms / 1,497
(2,495) kilograms

Jeep Wrangler colors

Bright White Uni
Billet Silver Metallic
From 990 €
Firecracker Red Uni
From 990 €
Granite Crystal Metallic
From 990 €
Hydro Blue Metallic
From 990 €
Snazzberry Metallic
From 990 €
Chief Blue Uni
From € 1,190
Gecko Metallic
From € 1,190