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The best free samples for babies and pregnant women 2020

Maternity wear, first-time outfits and the new family SUV usually place a heavy strain on the budget of new parents. It is all the nicer that more and more companies are taking their customers' offspring Free samples for the baby and gift packages to celebrate. Not only do you get tried and tested products, you can also test the new products on the market for free.

Do you want to know where you can get your first diapers and wound protection creams free of charge? You can find out in the following overview.

In addition, I will tell you which companies offer discounts and welcome packages and which registration really pays off.

Drugstores with free samples for babies and pregnant women

# 1 dm lucky child

The largest drugstore group in Europe presents its customers with product samples and competitions as soon as they are pregnant. Immediately after registration you will receive 10 percent discount on the entire range. Gifts and promotions are available up to the child's 12th year.

Of course, you can also register new pregnancies and siblings in the portal. In the case of twin pregnancies, you can easily contribute the second child after delivery lucky child a.

After registration, you will receive regular information on new product samples and discounts by post or email. Simply cut out the vouchers you want and present them at the checkout when paying.

If handicrafts are not one of your favorite activities, then simply use the electronic version and install it Lucky childApp on your smartphone. Discounts can also be deducted when shopping via the phone's display.

Glückskind suitcase & advantages at a glance:

  • 10% discount on the entire range upon registration
  • Pregnant women receive a scarf that can later be used as a nursing scarf
  • Coupon for a free diaper pack when registering during pregnancy
  • Glückskind suitcase with high-quality products, coupons and four lucky cards for birth and for children up to 1 year
  • Pocket album for children over 1 year with space for 36 photos
  • Annual birthday present for the offspring
  • Sweepstakes and product tests
  • Advice, checklists and recipes for parents


In my practical test, the free samples with the first baby worked without a hitch. The second time, on the other hand, I never heard anything again after registering.

# 2 Rossmann baby world

It is best to contact the child directly during pregnancy, at the latest by the child's 18th month of life Rossmann baby world at. Immediately after registration you will receive a voucher to print out. You can use it to pick up the anticipation bag at a branch of your choice. This contains creams, cleaning wipes, sanitary towels and the first pacifier for your baby.

The enclosed coupon booklet with numerous discounts for parents-to-be is also practical. After the offspring see the light of day, there is the next gift - the hurray box. Your baby will fall in love with the cuddly cuddly donkey. The welcome package also includes free products, coupons and valuable tips. The voucher campaigns of the baby world of Rossmann are aimed specifically at children up to two years of age. They can be redeemed using the associated app.

Anticipation bag, hurray box & discounts

  • Anticipation bag for pregnant women
  • Hurray box for the birth
  • Surprises for the 1st and 2nd birthday
  • Discount coupons
  • 5% discount in the online shop
  • Contests and product samples
  • Babywelt magazine


The registration and collection of the free samples worked smoothly for every child.

# 3 Müller my baby

At Drogerie Müller it is worth taking a look at the website because you can get useful tips for parents-to-be without having to register. You will also find discount coupons for baby products to print out. With an additional registration for the My Baby Club, you will receive a shopping voucher worth 5 euros and you will be registered for the newsletter at the same time.

Benefits of my baby

  • 5 euro shopping voucher upon registration
  • Discount coupons to be printed out for website visitors
  • No further welcome promotions, gifts or samples


Department stores / supermarkets / shopping clubs with welcome gifts for pregnant women and families

# 4 real, - my family

Exciting information, discounts and vouchers are available from My Family from pregnancy to school. You can register quickly and easily for the real benefit program by e-mail. You are then automatically registered for the welcome discount of 10%, which will be sent to you as a voucher by post. In addition, you can look forward to the surprise box at the birth. This includes diapers, wet wipes, shampoo and cute baby socks, among other things. The My Family Team will send you the relevant collection slip by email - but only on the specified date of your child's due date.

Surprise box and other gifts

  • Welcome pack for the birth of the baby
  • 10% discount on the welcome
  • Varied activities
  • Birthday surprise
  • Coupons
  • Free children's and Christmas carols to download


Unfortunately, I never received anything after registering. The song downloads are really great for that.

# 5 Globus hypermarket

After registering online at “Mein Globus”, you can personally pick up your customer card in the supermarket. You will be given your welcome package, which also includes various small gifts such as bibs or a cuddly toy for the offspring. You will also receive vouchers for your first and second birthday that come with the newsletter. Membership ends automatically on the child's 2nd birthday. The network of Globus branches in Germany is manageable, which is why it is only worth registering if there is a store near you. Attention: There is a risk of confusion. The offer is aimed at customers of Globus SB-Warenhaus and not Globus-Baumarkt.

Advantages at a glance

  • Welcome gift for the baby
  • Surprise for the 1st and 2nd birthday
  • Actions by mail
  • Only of interest to customers of Globus hypermarkets


# 6 Kaufland family moments

Kaufland is now also offering a free welcome gift for babies and freshly baked families. All you have to do is set up a Kaufland customer account online and then use the contact form for the Family moments to be filled out.

Overall, from the 8th week of pregnancy to the 7th year of your child's life, you can not only receive exclusive coupons, but also receive a free welcome box with a personalized hooded towel embroidered with your baby's name after the birth of your baby , and various care products.

Benefits and discounts:

  • Free welcome box for the birth
  • Free birthday box for the first birthday with “Quetschies” and Pixi books
  • Discounts and coupons for Pampers, Kaufland Foto and much more.


Our reader Lia tried it:Welcome box with samples from Bübchen and Penathen, sample size wet wipes, 1 Avent Nucki, nursing pads, 1 bag of Hipp breastfeeding tea, 1 bag of trail mix, coupons and 1 own brand baby towel with the child's name (if it was specified)

# 7 Amazon Familiy - For Prime members

As an online department store, Amazon also offers special discounts for families. As part of the Prime subscription, customers who register for the family benefit program receive a discount on certain diaper subscriptions, baby food, and learning and play programs. Membership costs 50 euros per year and offers numerous other advantages such as express delivery, access to the gigantic streaming offer Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music. You have to decide for yourself whether it is worth taking out paid membership just because of the family discounts. If you are already a customer, then you should definitely not miss the offer.

Benefits and discounts

  • Up to 20% discount on various diaper subscriptions and baby food
  • Children's learning program and games only 2.99 euros per month instead of 6.99 euros
  • The benefits of Prime membership
  • Paid Prime customer account for 50 euros per year


Baby and children's brands with free samples and free samples for babies and families

# 8 HiPP My BabyClub

HiPP's BabyClub inspires with many gifts - from name stickers for the car to free samples and colorful spoons for first attempts at eating. Helpful tips from the free information guide support you when you start with complementary food. You will receive the first gift box immediately after registration. The postman then brings HiPP surprises to your home again and again. You can find additional offers in the online member area. Coupons and coloring pages are waiting there for you to print out. The regular photo competitions are also popular. The helpful baby app from HiPP provides useful tips on child-friendly restaurants and an interactive menu recommendation.


  • Free gift packages and free product samples
  • Bumper sticker with your child's name
  • Baby savings book at Commerzbank with a starting balance of 20 euros for babies up to 10 months
  • Up to 100 euros discount with the HiPP voucher booklet
  • 1 x free entry worth 37 euros in Legoland for children between 3 and 11 years of age
  • Every month there is a raffle for 20 JAKO-O pacifier bunnies
  • 50% off Snapfish
  • Free HiPP milk delivery service for orders of 100 euros or more
  • Discount coupons


# 9 First StepsBox by limango

Limango is a shopping club specifically aimed at families. You get up to 70% discount on high-quality branded goods in various discount campaigns. The products are mostly shoes, pants, jackets and tops from stock sales or from the previous year's collection. The present for parents-to-be has recently returned after a break: The First Steps Box is completely free and is a gift from limango to new parents and parents-to-be. The box contains a high-quality baby blanket that is produced exclusively for limango by the Danish label Done by Deer. The value of the blanket is € 34.95. Every month 5,000 boxes are raffled among all registrations.


  • Free registration
  • Up to 70% discount on branded products primarily for babies and toddlers
  • New promotions every day


# 10 games max

The registration for the Baby Club from Spiele Max is a little more complicated than for comparable offers. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile if you invest the time. In any case, make a note of the customer number and, after successful registration, pick up your customer card in the shop. The baby club is designed for families with children up to the age of 2. After registering, they will receive a nice gift such as a cute stuffed animal or a funny washcloth. There are also various vouchers and a 3% discount on every purchase. If your child is older than 2 years, simply apply for the so-called treasure map in addition to the customer card. This also gives you a 3% discount when shopping. In the online member area of ​​the baby club you can get helpful expert tips and information on all promotions. Up to the age of 11, your offspring will be happy to receive a birthday surprise every year by post.

Baby club advantages:

  • Welcome gift including voucher
  • 3% discount on every purchase
  • Expert service with helpful tips
  • Contests and sweepstakes
  • Birthday present up to the age of 11


# 11 Pampers

Anyone who uses disposable diapers should definitely register in the Pampers world of benefits. This gives families a pretty photo book for the first snapshots of the baby. There are also discount vouchers for a total of 50 euros in the first year of the baby's life. In addition, Pampers offers interesting tips for new parents on its website. Of course there is the possibility to register for the regular newsletter.

Included after registration:

  • Free photo book worth around 19 euros
  • Informative tips for pregnancy and the first time with the baby
  • Coupons


# 12 Humana Baby Post

The baby food manufacturer Humana also digitized its Baby-Post a few years ago. After you have registered as a member, you will receive a digital booklet to download. Nothing will be sent by post immediately after registration without a request.

The advantages of baby mail

  • Information and everyday tips adapted to the age of your baby or the week of pregnancy
  • Contests, product samples and promotions
  • digital booklet for download
  • possibly further surprises by post on request


# 13 Nestlé baby service

Various baby brands such as Alete, Bübchen and BEBA follow-on milk come from Nestlé. If you are currently pregnant or your child is less than eight months old, please register directly. You will then automatically take part in the monthly raffle for Fehn gift packages for all new registrations. You can also look forward to free boy samples in the last third of your pregnancy. In addition to the free pack of follow-on milk for the 6th baby month, there are regular product competitions and helpful information.

Reasons for signing up

  • Free product samples
  • Sweepstakes
  • Helpful information in the members area


# 14 My Milupa

Regardless of whether you are a member of My Milupa or not, you can use the free expert hotline for baby nutrition. The number, which is staffed around the clock, can be of great help when introducing complementary foods to the first child. Additional benefits include a free Pampers sample and information brochures when you register for the first time. In the regularly published newsletter you will receive an overview of all current promotions and raffles.


  • Free pampers and information material upon registration
  • Regular newsletter with current promotions
  • 24-hour hotline for parenting advice on nutritional issues


# 15 MAM Club

If you rely on exclusive baby equipment, you should not miss registering with the MAM Club. You will then receive a 20% discount on your first order for bottles, teats, educational toys, etc. In general, members look forward to free shipping for online purchases from 19 euros. The calendars for pregnancy and baby development are just as helpful as information on competitions, new developments and discounts, which are regularly sent out by newsletter. There is the option to take part in product tests. There is no special welcome package.


  • 20% discount on the first order
  • Free shipping from an order value of at least 19 euros
  • Pregnancy and baby calendar
  • Newsletter on competitions and discounts
  • No welcome gift


# 16 Bebivita Club

Your registration goes straight to a lottery pot, where with a little luck you can win a professional family photo shoot. Perhaps the result will take part directly in the Bebivita Club's photo competition, where great prizes await the winners. As a member, you will also be regularly supplied with product samples. If you also feel like giving reviews and taking part in surveys, you will get so-called collective suns for it. You can exchange the suns for the raffle of various product packages, for example. If the initial equipment has already become too small, then Bebivita offers a flea market where you can find suitable clothing as well as sell your items. In regular letters to parents there are useful tips about the development of babies in the first year of life.


  • Prize draw for a family photo shoot
  • Photo competitions
  • Regular product samples
  • Collection suns for surveys and ratings
  • Letters from parents with useful information and tips
  • Online flea market


# 17 Aptamil Aptaclub

Aptamil welcomes you to the Aptaclub with the cuddly soft comforter from Sigikid. There are also many vouchers for the baby. Registration is possible from pregnancy. The service is aimed at families with children up to toddler age.There is an extensive media library with information videos, interesting brochures and the newsletter with helpful tips on the first 1000 days of your baby's life. A qualified team of experts is at your side with advice and action around the clock. The Aptamil reservation service is a special offer from the Aptaclub, with which you can have products stored in your name at dm and other partners.


  • Welcome gift
  • Extensive information material
  • Reservation service
  • 24/7 expert advice by email and phone


# 18 Budni My baby for Hamburg families

From pregnancy up to the age of 3 parents and children from Hamburg are spoiled by the Budni mein-baby-club with gifts, advice and vouchers. If you register up to the 18th month of your child's life, you will immediately receive 5,000 bonus points. Another 10,000 points will go to your customer account when you enter the newsletter. Register directly during pregnancy and you will receive a free pack of budni baby newborn diapers. You will find the necessary coupon in your mailbox as soon as possible. There is also a nice welcome gift including product samples and discounts. As a further advantage there are 3-fold bonus points with every purchase of budni baby and budn kids products. It is important to have a BUDNI customer card in order to participate in my-baby-club.

Overview of the advantages

  • Welcome gift and 5000 bonus points
  • Free pack of budni baby newborn diapers when registered during pregnancy
  • Triple bonus points when purchasing budni baby and budny kids products
  • Coupons and promotions
  • For hamburgers only


# 19 myToys gift items

By subscribing to the pregnancy newsletter, you will automatically receive exclusive gifts, a 5 euro voucher, expert tips and pregnancy trends. You also have the opportunity to take part in discount campaigns and receive vouchers directly in your email inbox.


  • Changing gifts such as a 5 euro voucher upon registration
  • Discount promotions and vouchers
  • Advice and expert tips about pregnancy


# 20 Pixum baby package

With the Pixum baby package you get discount coupons that you can redeem for photo books, cuddly toys and photo prints.

Benefits and discounts:

  • 50 photo prints: Free (Code: BABYPAKET-1)
  • Cuddly toys: 20% discount (Code: BABYPAKET-2)
  • A Pixum photo book: 10% discount (Code: BABYPAKET-3)
  • All Pixum murals: 10% discount (Code: BABYPAKET-4)


Gifts and free samples independent of baby clubs

If you don’t feel like a large collection of newsletters or customer accounts, then you’ll still not go away empty-handed. As part of prenatal care and childbirth preparation, you will meet midwives, gynecologists or the teams in birthing centers. There, too, the parents-to-be often get presents like surprise bags, information brochures and free samples.

Especially those who are expecting their first offspring should attend at least one baby fair. Most of these events are chargeable, but the exhibitors have plenty of surprises on offer, such as product samples, competitions, discount campaigns and gifts. Especially those who have to purchase the complete initial equipment will be happy about the generous discounts.

The following companies and contact points offer test products and small gifts for babies and pregnant women:

# 21 BZgA

To protect your maternity card from stains, you can order a washable cover made of environmentally friendly cardboard from the Federal Center for Health Education. The three different patterns, from which you are free to choose, are printed in food-safe colors.


# 22 DryNites

On the DryNites website you can order a free sample for the funny printed pant diapers.


# 23 Vita 34

If you request an information brochure from the provider of stem cell deposits, you will automatically receive a free abdominal tape measure.


# 24 Holle baby club

Anyone who registers at the Holle babyclub receives a 10% discount in the Holle online shop. The free registration also has the advantage that questions about baby nutrition can be answered directly by nutrition experts. In addition to the newsletter, there are also competitions and, according to the website, various product samples.


# 25 Weleda

Thanks to our reader Lia, we now know that Weleda responds very positively and kindly to written inquiries about product samples. Just try.


# 26 XXXL baby card from XXXLutz

With the baby card from XXXLutz you collect points with your purchases and after the 5th purchase you will receive a voucher worth 5% of your accumulated purchase amount, which you can redeem the next time you shop in the branch.

Incidentally, the cards are only available at a branch and not online.


# 27 The XXXL baby gift box for pregnant women

If you have offspring, you can register for a free gift box at XXXLutz, which you can later pick up at a nearby branch.

Benefits and gifts:

  • bib
  • Baby socks
  • toy
  • 10 EUR voucher for products from the “Baby and Children” category
At the time the post was updated, the boxes were unfortunately sold out.


Do you know where else you can find free products for pregnant women and free samples for babies? Let us know and write it in the comments.

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