Does iced tea ever go bad

Løv Iced Tea, Bands of L.A. + back home.

We buy fruit here by the kilo - there is a wonderful variety of citrus fruits in particular.
The stalls in the markets curve under juicy oranges and limes, and the girls drink a large pot of tea every day despite the warm weather. Per person.
To do this, limes and lemons are cut into wedges, the leaves are plucked from 1/2 bunch of fresh mint, and everything is infused with the green organic tea from Løvtea.
This is the quick & dirty version that hardly takes up any time and tastes really delicious.

For the very hot days there is a large pot full of citrus iced tea, this is wonderfully refreshing and only slightly sweet.

As a rule of thumb: for every 3 parts of tea there is 1 part of freshly squeezed juice.
Fill everything up with ice cubes and sliced ​​fruit and enjoy!





My latest acquisition are the woven belts from the Californian label Bands of L.A .: a bit of hippie, a bit of easy chic, and above all handmade in California!
Every simple t-shirt and jeans outfit calls out “Summer!” From afar - they work just as well with a white dress.
I like to put 2 colors together (dark blue and orange) because it enhances the effect.

So beautifully uncomplicated and absolutely cute!


After Noelle and I realized that we couldn't possibly get ANOTHER tan, we decided together to come back to Germany.
Well, the real reason is more because of my husband's daily news.
However, these are not with "I miss you!" - love vows content, but very unromantic, which read there:
"Which lamps should be hung here?"
“Should this bar stay dark? Paint white? Dress up? "
“Which of these 17 fridges do you want?” (Badly made iPhone pictures of 17 fridges follow).
I have discussed everything as well as possible in advance, but it is essential that I personally determine the details of the thesis and be on site.
Afterwards there are ugly lamps hanging there, there is an ugly refrigerator and all of this is overshadowed by ugly dark bars.
And that's only because it looked soooo different in the pictures my husband sent me.
Or because the husband himself thought that dark bars are sooooo great.
(Brief information for readers who have only recently joined the company: The Liebesbotschaft family currently has no place of residence in Germany because the industrial building into which we will soon be moving is currently being rebuilt - and we had to get out of the old apartment We moved to California for a few months to bridge the gap.)
Our mood fluctuates between huge anticipation for friends and family and above all for the new city we're moving to - at the same time, I want to hold on to a palm tree while my husband is pulling me by one leg to the plane.
The farewell is bittersweet.
But I will definitely blog a few more times from here and have decided to simply bring the sun to Germany!
I'm sure not to notice, because I won't have much with me anyway!
1 glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (2 grapefruit depending on size)
1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (2-3 oranges depending on size)
1 whole organic lemon, freshly squeezed juice
3 limes, freshly squeezed juice
1 orange, 1 grapefruit, 2 limes.
(who likes: agave syrup for sweetening)
Boil the tea according to the instructions, allow to cool.
Cut the remaining fruits into slices.
Squeeze the juice, sift it, and mix it with the tea, ice cubes and fresh fruit slices.
By the way: if you like the organic teas from Lov so much, you can take part in the LOVORGANICFRUITS competition - how it works is written HERE.