What does it mean when people promise

Promises that are not kept

Last update: 03 May, 2017

I am surprised how easily and naturally some people make promises. As if life was a game where you can promise anything without actually knowing whether this can be kept in the future. Especially when it comes to questions that seem trivial to some people, but are important to others, then it seems to me as if promises were thrown in the air like confetti.

We've all heard of those old days when keeping a promise was almost a matter of life or death. It didn't matter whether the promise was about something trivial or something very important. The agreement that you would do something was enough to make you feel responsible. Today that doesn't seem to be the case anymore and you hear now and then how someone justifies himself by saying that nobody can commit him to something.

But we should never lose sight of the disappointment we create in someone when we break a promise. Not to mention how sad or angry we'd feel if someone let us down. We must honor a promise because we have given our word. Our word is our personal property and is of the greatest value. It is our word that we are committed to something. In addition, our words and actions define us as human beings in the long run. Material things are secondary and one day we will be without them.

Our word is the only thing that no one can take away from us, but we lose it bit by bit when we make promises that we know we cannot keep if something is promised just to get out of a situation when we betray someone or just promise to get something in return.

The trust we hope for in others is built on experiences that we share with these people. If we can be trusted, if we are known to be true to our word, then everyone who knows us will take our promises as a guarantee. Then we can be proud to be people who can be relied on, who don't make empty promises.

When it comes to promises, it is better to make few but true ones. If we cannot or do not want to keep a promise, then it is best not to make it in the first place. The next time you are about to make a promise, think about it ... Are you really ready to stick to this arrangement no matter what?