Yoga increases the sex drive

Sex workout: These sports heat up your love life

We push our limits in sport. We get our bodies up to speed - and that pays off in many ways. Those who do sport regularly get fit, feel good in their skin and radiate that too. But if you only think about performance or even burning calories when you exercise, you are missing out on the best. Because there is another good reason for a little more training that many are not really aware of: Sport also promotes the desire for sex and makes sex even better.

For these reasons, exercise is so important to good sex

There are several reasons why exercise is very helpful for sex. On the one hand, sport naturally also makes us fit. Because sex is a physical activity and not completely strenuous. Unless you're lying on your back like a dead rabbit and not actively moving. So if you increase your performance, you will not only be better at training, but also fit enough in bed for a little sex marathon.

In addition, various studies show that a trained body increases self-confidence. Muscles and a sporty appearance are still considered attractive and sexy in our society. Whether that's great or not is an open question, but if it gives someone more self-confidence when they are athletic, then that's a nice side effect of exercise. And if you are self-confident, you will definitely have more fun with sex. Because the most important thing in sex is to feel good and the ability to let yourself go.

Reason enough to incorporate a little more workout and less couch into your everyday life. We have a few sports tips for you on how you can give your sex life a boost with the right training. Because not every sport makes sex better. But here in any case:

# Sport for better sex: weight training

Girls, send your men to the gym more often - you can only benefit from it! Because: When bench press and dumbbell training with short, intense intervals, the body releases more testosterone. This not only helps build muscle, but also increases pleasure.

In us women, testosterone also influences the need for sex. For this you either go to the gym regularly to do sports or you do interval runs in the forest or sprint training. This type of sport also benefits sex because it stimulates testosterone production and thus pleasure.

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# Sport for better sex: Everything that strengthens the pelvic floor

Whether rowing or cross-country skiing: All sports that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles ensure a better sex life. Especially in men, the workout stimulates the blood circulation and thus increases the ability to have an erection.

But we women can also increase our libido through targeted pelvic floor exercises. The fact is: For us, there is no better sport for sex than good pelvic floor training. Because the pelvic floor is more than important for a female orgasm. That is why a short workout for your pelvic floor is built into everyday life from time to time.

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Take a few minutes a day for the "pelvic lifter". For this exercise, lie on your back with your legs bent about hip-width apart. Then you flex your buttocks and lift your pelvis off the floor - your stomach and thighs should form a straight line. Hold this position and alternately extend your left and then your right leg. Repeat the exercise several times.

You can also find more exercises for the pelvic floor here.

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An even hotter alternative: Latin American dance. This not only strengthens the pelvic floor, salsa, tango and merengue are pure sex per se ...

# Sport for better sex: Yoga & Pilates

Anyone who regularly goes to yoga or Pilates is actually doing everything right. These sports not only keep you fit, they also promote blood circulation and improve body awareness. Those who feel good in their skin also have a much better body feeling and self-confidence during sex. In addition, the "cuddle hormones" serotonin and oxytocin are released during yoga and Pilates, which increase libido.

According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009, women who practice yoga generally have more desire for sex and are happier with their love lives. So why not extend the exercise program at home a little more?

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# Sport for better sex: moderate endurance sport

Moderate endurance sport, for example Nordic walking, a jogging round through the park or a similar activity that demands your stamina, is also good for the fitness during sex. The movement stimulates the blood circulation and the oxygen supply of the body - and accordingly also of the genital organs. The best for libido are three 45-minute training sessions a week.

But be careful: As with all sports, you shouldn't overdo it in endurance sports. Hard, exhausting training over weeks or months - for example as preparation for a marathon - tends to have a counterproductive effect on the love life. Anyone who exhausts themselves physically in sports is a flat flounder type as a sex monster and will tend not to feel like having strenuous sex afterwards.

More sport = more fun during sex

If you are not yet convinced that you can finally get the box up, it should be said: Always remember: We sit around the whole day, in front of the computer, at work, in the car, at dinner. Most of us have a real lack of activity and physical activity in our daily lives.

Therefore, use your free time every now and then for a little training. Not only you as an athlete benefit from feeling fit and well. Not only will your health thank you. Your partner will also benefit from having sex. Therefore: grab it and take it with you to training. And by the way: Yes, sex is also sport.