What is the weakness of the sphinxes

Better Safe Than Sorry!

Don't give cyber criminals a chance!

Sensitized employees are the prerequisite for this

The media is full of reports of cyber attacks. Everyone is informed, everyone knows how dangerous it is.

Despite all the clarifications, employees still transfer money to cyber criminals, introduce viruses that encrypt the entire IT or unconsciously open gates so that sensitive data is stolen.

Why do people act so carelessly?

So-called Social hackers use psychologically perfidious tricksto overcome technical hurdles by outrageously exploiting human weaknesses. Conventional awareness training courses mostly contain pure information. But it's about sustainable change in behavior to achieve. Our method turns Findings from psychology and brain research to ensure that long-term awareness moves into your company.

Better safe than sorry!

Sensitize yourself and your employees through our one-day awareness training and find out e.g.

- how to expose fake emails, even if they look deceptively real

- which apps should never be installed on company phones

- How not to fall for fraudulent social engineering and which aspects favor this

- how to make your employees aware of recognizing false identities

- what psychological tricks social hackers use to gain trust

- What you should do if mobile devices with secret company data are lost

- How to prevent hackers from encrypting your data and demanding a ransom

The trainer:

Mag. Wolfgang Klinger

Psychologist and certified data protection expert

Sphinx IT Consulting GmbH

Our Training packagesare in a price range of € 700 (executive quick coaching) to € 3,000 (all inclusive module).

We would be happy to make you an individual offer tailored to the size and needs of your company.

Contact our colleague for a non-binding information meeting!

Mag. Wolfgang Klinger
Sphinx IT Consulting GmbH
[email protected]
+43 664 15 58 311

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