Why is finger pelling important

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Finger Spelling is a method that useful for people who can't speak to some one. They make this so general and easy to remember so they can say everything to others. They have a story. Fingerspelling as the main form of communication is known as the Rochester Method, also known as Visible English. The Rochester Method focuses on oral language and speech, spelling spoken words. It was the primary form of instruction at Rochester School for the Deaf.

This is a kind of art. Art for them who disable to talk. I have learned since I was in Junior High School. It does not mean I am kind of them. I am perfect physically. But it is my interesting to learn something unique.

Ok, I really don't mean them. I learned it for my conversation with my friend in the classroom. When we bored some lessons, so we tried to communicate use this Finger Spelling. And it is very interesting while use it as a communicating method. Silent, Perfect, and Calm. So our teacher did not know what we were doing during the class. 🙂

Because I never used it anymore, I have forgotten some spelling. Now I start it again remembering all alphabets. Sometimes it can be a coding for us in every situation.

I think we all can learn it for our likeness. You must try it.


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