A duplex is a good first investment

The duplex garage is the bunk bed for your cars

What drive systems are there?

Fully automated systems

With a fully automatic double parker system a computer controls access on your car. You choose your car or the parking space it is parked in and the Computer delivers your car to you. Your data can also be stored on a personal transponder.

Such systems are very space saving, since the space for ramps and tramlines is largely eliminated. But they mainly comein public and commercialroom because mostly only one platform is necessary for private use.

Semi-automatic systems

In semi-automatic systems that is Some of the drivers are still involved in parking the car. He drives his car into the free parking lot. The parking system then sorts the cars. Most of them Double parking in the private sector semi-automatic systems are used.

Manual mode

A manual operation by means of a hand crank is hardly used anymore since he very troublesome is. The manual drive option can useful in the event of a power failure if it is, for example, a two-story double parker system in a private garage. Then your own car can with a little muscle power into the correct parking position to be brought.

Advantages and disadvantages of double parking

As with any other garage model, the duplex garage has its advantages and disadvantages. The clearest advantage is the efficient use of the available space. But that also has its price.

high space efficiency high acquisition costs depending on the system
adjustable in height and width so that larger cars can also be parked regular maintenance necessary
higher protection against theft than with conventional parking space solutions parked vehicles can be damaged if the system is not operated properly.
secure parking solution for seasonal vehicles (e.g. convertible) Parking in and out of a parking space takes more time than with a normal garage
increases the value of the property long construction period due to earthworks

Apartment owners, homeowners and landlords can do so with more parking spaces Value of your propertyincrease. Parking spaces are a good investment, especially in metropolitan areas.

Planning a duplex garage

Duplex garages are versatile and can be adapt well to your space requirements. Once you have a Building permit have obtained from the responsible building authority, the garage construction can already begin.

Step 1: earthworks

If you are looking for a Model with a retractable platform decide, that belongs Digging a fortified pit to the most important preparations. Professional providers of duplex garages take care of this for you and accompany you from planning to installing your new parking space.

Step 2: build garage

When designing your new duplex garage, as with other garage models, you havemany choices. But one thing is particularly important Electrical installation, since the drive system of a duplex garage requires electricity to operate. Hence, you should use this be sure to plan in the construction.

Also make sure that the garage height corresponds to the garage regulations of your state. Usually this is maximum permissible wall height three meters. Duplex garages are usually built higher than normal garages because of the lift system.

Step 3: set up the lift system

For example, if you already have a garage of sufficient height, you can with a duplex liftsimply retrofit. However, one should Minimum height of 150 cm per floor be given.

You should install the lift system absolutely left to specialiststo avoid damage to the vehicles. A regular maintenance should also be carried out by a specialist in order to guarantee the necessary safety.

What dimensions are possible?

A duplex garage usually requires a greater wall height for the lift system. Otherwise it resembles a normal garage in terms of appearance and dimensions.

Duplex garageDimensions
widthapprox. 3.00 - 5.50 m
heightapprox. 3.00 - 3.50 m
lengthapprox. 5.20 - 6.00 m