How can we hope to change the world?

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Quotes about change & do-gooder

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself.

The transformation of the world comes when we change ourselves.

What you win by force can only be kept by force.
(Mahatma Gandhi)

You never create change by fighting the existing.
To change something, you build new models that make the old superfluous.

(Buckminster Fuller)

Only the lie needs the support of the state authority, the truth stands upright by itself.
(Benjamin Franklin)

The world is not there to be improved. You, too, are not there to be improved.
But you are there to be yourself. You are there so that the world around this sound, this note,
be richer by this shadow. Be yourself, the world is rich and beautiful! Don't be yourself
be a liar and a coward, the world is poor and seems in need of improvement.

(Hermann Hesse)

A truly sensitive and sensible person naturally tries to
when he is troubled by the evils and injustices of the world, there first
to tackle them where they appear most clearly, namely with yourself.
And that's what he'll be busy with all his life.

(Fernando Pessoa)

It is also not up to us to change the world or other people
or to make better people out of them. That is quite an arrogant attitude.
We are not the rulers of other people's karma. By having our own karma
recognize and work on it, we heal ourselves and others.

(Henry Ford)

If a person learns the first important rule that everything that is is good because it is,
so more and more peace and quiet return to him. Only in this calm does he learn things
to look at, and they will reveal their meaning to him. You gradually break away from the obsession
to have to fight for or against something without being inactive. The man who believes
Being able to change the world through his activity usually does not notice that he is in reality
Has become a slave to the conditions that change him.

(Thorwald Dethlefsen)

Who changes himself changes the world. There is in this world
nothing to improve, but a lot in yourself.

(Thorwald Dethlefsen)

We don't need other worlds, we need mirrors.
(Stanislaw Lem)

Missionary ideas for improving the world are fantasies of omnipotence,
who emerge from the paralyzing impotence of their own unfit for life.

(Andreas Tenzer)

Just by purifying our own heart and purifying our own mind
we can hope to cleanse the world and our global community
to give back some measure of peace and stability.

(Philip Kapleau)

If we really want to do something about the torments of the world, we must learn
to work continuously on ourselves while at the same time from day to day,
try to be as useful as possible.

(Philip Kapleau)

Those who have not found peace in themselves cannot become an instrument of peace.

The pity with the do-gooders is that they make the world worse than it really is.
(Ernst Ferstl)

A simple way to make the world a better place is to do something good for yourself and for others.
(Ernst Ferstl)

The do-gooder wants to improve the world first and then himself.
(Andreas Tenzer)

Again and again there are idealists who want to use violence to make the world a better place.
(Wolfgang Mocker)

Do-gooders are the problem they believe to be the solution.
(Alfred Selacher)

The world only improves if you improve yourself.
(Prof. Querulix)

Only the very brightest and the most stupid never change.

Do not look for mistakes, look for solutions.
(Henry Ford)

We want to change the world - economically, socially,
but it seems to me that an essential external change will not be possible,
when there is no radical psychological revolution, transformation.


The true master is not the one with the most students, but the one who produces the most masters.
The true leader is not the one who has the most followers, but the one who makes the most leaders.
The true king is not the one with the most subjects, but the one who leads most to kingship.
The true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but the one who makes most of the others
to have knowledge.
And a true God is not the one with the most servants, but one who serves the most
and so makes of all other gods.