What is causing whiteheads in your ear

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic inflammatory disease of large flexor folds. It is a hidden epidemic because around one percent of the population is affected. However, this has not been known for a long time, as the disease is very embarrassing. Even with a dermatologist, some patients do not dare to talk about the disease. We really want to help you if you have abscesses and lumps in the flexor folds, because we know that this can have a very negative impact on your life.

The disease is caused by various factors. One of the most important is that the ducts of the hair follicles are blocked in the folds. This leads to a build-up of secretion, which is then infected by bacteria. The chronic inflammation then leads to scarring over time, which unfortunately can very often lead to larger scar plates. If the disease is recognized early, it can be treated and suppressed well, otherwise major operations are often necessary. There are two major risk factors for acne inversa: smoking and being overweight. Of course, we do not hold our patients responsible for their illness because of harmful habits, but we will always address these issues cautiously during consultation hours and offer help both to quit smoking and to lose weight. The disease also occurs in non-smokers of normal weight! We can also offer them maximum therapy.