Is LinkedIn overrated

LinkedIn boss: Success without a university degree

In an interview at the Recode's Code Enterprise conference, LinkedIn boss Jeff Weiner explained why degrees are overrated. "We should accept that there is a much wider range of talents, skills, perspectives and experiences that can lead to success," said Weiner.

Incidentally, the LinkedIn boss himself has a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Weiner not only wants to reassure students with this attitude, but also appeals to executives to put aside their narrow-mindedness and also to invite applicants who do not have a degree but have the right skills for the job.

Online instead of a lecture hall

Weiner's statement is no coincidence. Last year, LinkedIn bought An online learning platform on which users can complete training courses in a wide variety of areas.

"We are not yet ready to offer a proper degree on the portal. The first step would be to issue a kind of certificate," explains Weiner. It will therefore take some time before employers see the learning platform as a qualification. But it is already being advertised properly.

A few weeks ago, PepsiCo boss Indra Nooyi also criticized the university education. MBA programs in their current form are out of date and urgently need revision, according to Nooyi. "MBAs have an education, but they have no knowledge," says the 61-year-old.