What are the dangers of airbags

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Danger from airbags?

Airbags that have not been triggered pose a very high risk of injury to the fire and rescue services in traffic accidents. A deploying airbag develops unimagined forces which, if not hit in a controlled manner, can have significant effects. Due to this fact, dealers have increasingly dealt with this topic in recent years. B. Products like the “Octupus System” came onto the market to avoid such risks.


The AIRBAG rule should specify a standardized and simple procedure for such cases, especially where no such safety system is available, in order to minimize the dangers.

A - distance

30cm from side airbags
60cm from the driver airbag
90cm from the passenger airbag

I - explore the interior

Observe notes on airbags:

  • Look for labels (e.g. airbag, SRS, etc.) and stickers in the interior.

Consider possible positions:

  • Front protection for driver and front passenger
  • Side protection in door panels or seats
  • Head protection in the roof lining
  • Knee protection in the footwell

Airbag triggered?

  • Further procedure according to general safety precautions
  • Module can still be hot !!

Airbag not triggered?

  • Switch off the ignition
  • Keep space in front of the airbag

R - Inform rescue workers

Inform all rescue workers about the dangers and how to proceed

B - Disconnect the battery

Disconnect all batteries, search the vehicle for possible additional batteries. Attention - if power is still required for rescue work (electric seat adjustment), this must be used beforehand.

A - Removing the interior trim

Airbag - scanning by removing the inner lining, especially in the roof and rail area. Look for gas generators for airbags, as they trigger a pressure vessel bang when cut through.

G - Dangers from airbag components

  • Do not place any tools on the airbag covers (projectile effect)
  • Do not damage the airbag modules
  • If the power supply is not safely interrupted, avoid working in the area of ​​the center console (usually where the control module is located)
  • Systems that work purely mechanically cannot be deactivated