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Distance learning: Become an engineer with a distance learning

Extra-occupational to the engineering profession: Find out what distance learning is, which engineering courses can be studied in this online study model and what the requirements, duration and costs are.

With distance learning, you study independently from home. But it offers maximum freedom when it comes to length of study, learning pace and place of study. The learning materials are either sent to your home by post or can be accessed online via an online campus. You only have to be present on site at the university or a study center of the university on very few appointments per year: This is the case for written and oral exams or very rarely for compulsory seminars.

In addition to the local independence, the time factor is a decisive advantage: If it takes longer at work, if you have a private appointment or are prevented for other reasons, this is not a problem: When you learn, you decide alone. However, this comes with a possible disadvantage: You have to motivate yourself again and again and you should have good time management.

Whether distance learning is right for you is up to you to decide for yourself and consider how easy or difficult it will be for you to sit down to study when there are no commitments.

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Distance learning courses in detail

There are many engineering distance learning courses. We will describe the following to you in detail - including a list of all universities that offer this distance learning course.

Universities that offer engineering distance learning


Business informatics, data science, artificial ...IU distance learning
Technology and innovation management, ...AKAD University
Industrial engineering, data science and ...Hochschule Fresenius - distance learning
Industrial engineering, facility management, ...WINGS distance learning
Fire protection planning, medical physics, software ...DISC of the TU Kaiserslautern
mechanical engineeringHeilbronn Institute for Lifelong Learning
Electrical engineering part-time, ...Technical University of Aschaffenburg
Mechanical engineering, industrial engineeringHFH · Hamburger Fern-Hochschule
Industrial engineering Construction management for ...Applied Management College
Innovation and future researchSRH Fernhochschule - The Mobile University

Distance learning is divided into so-called self-study and face-to-face phases. In the self-study phases, you have to work through the learning materials yourself at home. In the attendance phases, which usually take place as block events on selected weekends, seminars and exams take place. Face-to-face events can take place once a month with some providers, with other academies only once per semester. It is therefore important to inform yourself in detail before starting your studies and to plan when and whether you will have time (for the respective dates).

At the end of the course, the bachelor's thesis is due for a bachelor's degree and the master's thesis for a master's degree. There may also be certain exams that must be taken on site and under supervision. Practical experience can also be part of the course of study; for example in the form of an internship or practical work.

Requirements, duration and costs


The same admission requirements apply to engineering distance learning as to "normal" full-time studies. For the bachelor's degree, you have to have at least a high school diploma (at universities of applied sciences and academies) or a high school diploma (university). For a master’s degree, you have to provide evidence of previous academic training in the desired area, for example a bachelor’s or diploma degree in a related subject.

In addition - depending on the university - there may be additional requirements, for example one or two years of professional experience or knowledge of English at a certain level. So always find out from the student advisory service at your chosen university whether you meet all the criteria.

In addition to the formal requirements, you should keep in mind that distance learning requires many personal characteristics:

  • motivation
  • Time management
  • Discipline in learning
  • Perseverance
  • Willingness to cut back a little in private life for the study period if necessary
  • Support and understanding from family and partner

Duration of study

You have to plan at least six or seven semesters to complete your bachelor’s degree. This is how the standard period of study is specified. Adhering to the standard period of study is not particularly easy, especially when it comes to distance learning. If in doubt, plan a few more semesters.

The same applies to the master’s degree: you will quickly exceed the standard period of three to four semesters.

It is ideal if your employer supports you: for example by reducing working hours or taking time off if you have to study for exams or write homework.

By the way: Most distance learning universities offer a free extension of the standard period of study.


Distance learning courses, even if they are offered at state universities and technical colleges, are usually organized in the private sector. That means: You have to pay tuition fees at both private distance learning universities and public institutions.

The amount of the fees varies depending on the provider, degree program, duration of study or payment method. To give you an initial guideline: an engineering bachelor's or master's degree can quickly choose between 8,000 - 15,000 euros total cost.

That sounds like a lot at first, and it is. But if you consider the sum as an investment in an above-average well-paid engineering job, the sum hurts less because you know that you can get the amount back.

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