How can I look young and attractive

Look younger than you actually are. A wish that almost every one of us pursues after a certain age. Hand on heart - we feel flattered when we are valued younger. In addition to hairstyles that make you look younger, there are luckily a few simple tricks that can make us look younger in the long term. We have selected the six best tips for you.

1. Drink the right thing

With water we can drink our wrinkles away - no joke! When our body lacks water, it first reduces the water content in the skin cells, which automatically leaves the skin looking saggy and tired. The wrinkles are then created by the lack of tension. Vegetable or fruit spritzers as well as herbal teas without sugar substitutes have the same effect. Alcohol, on the other hand, dehydrates your body and therefore also the skin on your face. Regular consumption of alcohol can not only destroy the liver, but also cause skin diseases.

2. Sports

Regular exercise lowers the biological age. But it is not only important for your health, but also for your beauty! If we take time to exercise every two days, we break down stress hormones and at the same time strengthen the cardiovascular system. Because these effects last about 48 hours, it is advisable to give the body a day off at a time. A study by the Sport University Cologne showed that jogging for 12 minutes is enough to strengthen the cardiovascular system. The skin is supplied with better blood in the long term and looks much firmer! By the way, those who do sport once a week are not only good for their health, but also for their self-confidence. An American study claims to have found that one exercise session per week boosts one's self-confidence. Women automatically get better posture and feel more attractive.

3. Movement

If you can't find time for sport, you shouldn't despair now. Because movement is the magic word. Whoever saves himself a bus stop by bus after work and prefers to walk one station will stimulate the telomeres in his body cells. What are telomeres? The telomeres ensure proper blood flow to our skin and especially to the face. Because those who have enough telomeres in their body cells should also have a rosier complexion. The fresh complexion looks attractive and radiates healthy skin!

3. Less stress

Constant stress not only wrecks us mentally, but also optically! If someone is stressed, you can see it directly on the person's face. The pale, tired, unhappy face - none of us needs it! According to the Huffington Post, stress can even lead to DNA damage. Sleep behavior as well as thinking skills are negatively influenced. Therefore: create balance! Have a good time after work and treat yourself to me-time (you've earned it), work out with sports or do yoga relaxation exercises.

4. Healthy eating

... gives us a lot of strength and provides us with important vitamin boosters! The omega-3 fatty acids that we know from some creams can also be found in salmon, flaxseed and olive oil. Bell peppers, carrots and broccoli provide us with vitamin C. This, in turn, is important for building collagen! Try to avoid white flour and sugar - not only can these foods cause chronic inflammation, they can also make your skin look older very quickly. Unfortunately, red meat is one of them.

5. Less sugar

... sounds like a challenge at first. Not because we like to stuff ourselves with sweets (only sometimes), but because so many foods contain industrial sugar. Even where we don't initially think so. There are now many sugar substitutes that taste almost the same but have no calories. Stevia is one of the most famous substitutes for sugar. But Xylitol is our magic remedy, which is obtained from corn cob remains and beech or birch wood. Xylitol is not quite as sweet as regular table sugar, but it is definitely a great alternative for baking and cooking. Xylitol is well tolerated, even by those who suffer from metabolic defects. By the way: The sugar substitute works against plaques on the teeth. It is not for nothing that the substance is also added to sugar-free chewing gum.

6. Get enough sleep

Nice overnight! Sounds kind of absurd and yet there is some truth to it. Because those who get enough sleep at night appear fresher and younger. A study from Cleveland supported this statement. Women who get more than seven hours of sleep a night are estimated to be up to eight years younger - crazy!

7. White teeth

In order to keep the youthful appearance as long as possible, we should take care of our dental care. Because: White teeth make us look fresher and livelier. Sounds kind of logical. We're not talking about the marshmallow-white Hollywood teeth now, no. We're talking about normal, well-groomed teeth! Professional teeth cleaning is the key to happiness! And for home you can get a toothpaste with a whitening effect (if you don't already have it). We can warmly recommend these to you! Another little tip from our editorial team: We swear by electric toothbrushes! We have picked out the best three for you! We can tell you here how you can easily get white teeth without bleeching.