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30 Coaching Trends You Need To Know (2021)

Today I'd like to share 30 current coaching trends you need to know.

The coaching industry is growing extremely quickly. There's never been more going on in this area. Coaching clients are becoming more and more demanding and willing to pay for coaches with great coaching skills and solid results.

The rapid growth of the coaching business is due to some of the best coaching trends in recent years.

The future of coaching seems amazing. If you want to start your own coaching company, don't hesitate any longer. Now is the right time to take the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

However, to be successful, you need to turn yourself into a learning machine.

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest coaching trends and methods can easily shake your competitors. You can climb the corporate ladder and earn a 6-digit salary quickly with your coaching business.

You need to master the latest developments in coaching and have top coaching skills in order to delight your clients.

So without further ado, let's go straight to the coaching trends (2021), which will help you keep track of things.

1. Virtual coaching will continue to be one of the top coaching trends

Are you worried about a good location for your coaching business?

Hey, you don't have to!

Don't you want to reach your audience anytime, anywhere?

Take a look around and you will find that technology is revolutionizing the coaching business.

Location-based coaching will lose importance in 2021 and in the future.

Top trainers complement their coaching sessions with microlearning sessions, gamification and content.

At the same time, don't lose touch with reality. You need a mix of all of the elements mentioned to get the best of both worlds. Take advantage of the technology, but at the same time don't forget to add a live element to your offer.

2. The growing human interaction

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer.

Trainer A:

A generalist who has some prepared videos and content in his package with very little live interactions.

Trainer B:

A specialist who knows and respects your special needs and tries to meet them through personal encounters.

Who will you choose? Yes! Correct! Coach B. Don't make the mistake of viewing your client as naive.

Now you might be thinking, how am I supposed to implement live interactions when the latest coaching trends point to the boom in virtual coaching? For example, you can offer live video interactions. One of my clients attends Q&A sessions every week to address the specific needs of their clients.

You have to be creative.

From 2021 and in the future, only the trainers have a chance to find solid ways to make interactions as individual as possible.

3. The growing demand for measurable results

Your customers are now looking for results and too quickly!

Trainers with a proven track record will leave their competitors behind.

How are you preparing for it?

In 2021, focus all your efforts and energies on results-oriented coaching.

Remember, you are not paying your customers for the process, but for the transformation you bring into their lives.

Read books. Take the best courses and programs. Learn effective ways to get top results quickly.

The entirety of your marketing and sales channels should embody your results-oriented approach. If you are part of coaching member sites, you can present their recipe for success and thus win customers.

4. Greater accountability

Many trainers receive the title "coach" after reading a book or two on the subject. That will change soon.

This is very natural for any mature industry. With so many new people entering the coaching business, the barriers to entry will inevitably rise.

Until now, all you needed was word of mouth, a good reputation, and positive customer testimonials. However, with the start of 2021, you'll soon see the paper qualification as one of the most popular coaching trends.

The business coaching industry in particular will need qualified coaches to enforce their specialist knowledge.

So should you ignore all other areas and invest in a coaching training program now?

Not really. However, if you want to be successful in your company in the long term, you should back up your certificates with certifications.

5. Increased focus on positive psychology

This trend will greatly contribute to the growth of the life coaching industry.

The emphasis on positive psychology will help clients overcome their mental barriers.

Negative and self-destructive dialogues are evaluated by the coach and replaced by positive dialogues. The aim is to improve the client's thinking pattern and life as a whole.

So if you are specifically aiming to become a life coach, you must master this art.

6. Coaching will be necessary

In 2021 coaching will lose its status as a “luxury good” and will become much more of a “necessity” for many.

People in all fields will realize that they are facing difficult challenges that they cannot solve on their own.

They will seek help and the demand for trainers will increase.

The benefits of coaching are no longer limited to the elite.

Coaching will become a need for everyone and in all areas.

7. Niche coaching will gain ground

Do you think you can be an expert in many industries and do you think you can take command of multiple areas of the same industry?

Soon, industries and individuals will face complex problems and only specialized or niche coaches will be able to solve them.

Stop being labeled a generalist. Otherwise you will not be taken seriously.

In addition, you won't be able to get high prices either. Let me give you an example from Nicole Jardim. She specializes in hormonal health. It helps young women understand their hormones and make it easier to manage their periods.

She has gained huge popularity on Instagram and Facebook without even starting out with one-on-one coaching.

Do you know why all of this happened? Because she chose to be very specific. Instead of becoming a “Health Advisor”, she chose “Hormonal Health” and “Young Women”.

Do you understand what is important?

If you want to keep up with the latest coaching trends in 2021, you need to specialize in one subject area. You can take a look at some of the fast growing coaching niches of 2021 and choose what suits you based on them.

8. Automation and delegation are essential

The use of effective coaching tools will increase in 2021.

Let me tell you that it will not be easy to build a coaching business all by yourself and in a short period of time, which will bring in 6-digit profits.

In the further course you will recognize the immense advantages of automating your administrative tasks with software.

There are some great coaching tools that can cut your chores in half. Neglecting these tools would be a very big mistake.

Also, the trainers will delegate or outsource some of the work to freelancers. They help them with ghostwriting, videography, and web content.

9. Relational approach

Effective coaching builds on trust, attachment, and strong relationships. You can assume that the coaching trend will continue in 2021 and that it will be important to build authentic and meaningful relationships.

Only when your customer can relate to you will they engage with you and see your worth.

Stop building "networks". Instead, build "relationships".

Let their customers connect with you on this profound level.

Once that connection is made, they'll pay you an even higher price. The reason is that they know that you are the only trainer who really understands and feels their problems and at the same time is determined to solve them.

10. Matchmaking is becoming more important

Not all of their customers are a good fit for their company. Not every time their expertise will produce outstanding results.

Identifying the right customer is always better than wasting time and energy getting bad feedback.

Matchmaking will be one of the most important coaching trends in 2021. Coaches will rely heavily on tools and software that allow them to bring people together according to their personality and area of ​​expertise.

In addition, interviews will greatly aid the matchmaking process.

11. The interface between industry expertise and coaching methodology

The business coaching industry will learn more from this coaching trend.

If you want to excel in the coaching business, strong industry and line experience is required.

Trainers will themselves need trainers and consultants in order to be able to promote extraordinary future goals for their own careers.

12. Increasing regulations

Maybe that's bad news for you, but it also means the coaching profession is fully developed.

He will develop and need his own ethics and regulations.

There will be increasing regulation of coaching in countries, and a few years later the education system and professional associations may be responsible for improving the profession.

Does that mean it's a disadvantage for you? No! All of this is only done to track down black sheep among the profession and to introduce necessary quality standards.

Wouldn't you like to be among the best coaches?

Yeah, right?

So the order of the day is not to complain but to act!

13. Coaching will surpass counseling

Advice supplements gaps in knowledge, while coaching supports the transfer of wisdom.

It won't be long before the industry will prefer coaching to regular advice. Young leaders will try to learn as it becomes more difficult to hire talent.

14. Experience will replace explanation

If you think that words and explanations can be used to attract your customers, I can tell you that you cannot.

The power of words is fleeting, but that of an innovative experience will definitely last.

You need to develop and incorporate breakthrough thinking and creative information dissemination pattern if you want their customers to stay.

Of course, the result is important and a lasting positive impression will help you achieve the result you want.

Although the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression”, don't forget to keep that first impression permanently.

15. Content about process

Are you asking your client the right, insightful coaching questions? Is your content customer-oriented and does it affect the needs of your customers?

If not, there is no further hesitation.

By “content” I don't just mean that they have to be customer-oriented, but also content that emphasizes their work.

You can't just tell your client, "Hey, trust my process, it's 100% effective."

In 2021 and beyond, the demand for coaches who “have been there, seen this and done that” will increase as they are better able to help people think outside the box.

16. Working with a coach is becoming the norm

All coaches have to say thank you to shows like "Billions". These have enormously increased the need and desire for coaching.

Whether business coaching, life coaching or other types of coaching, they all teach people to reduce stress and develop a unique perspective for solving complex problems.

Who does not want that?

Better days will come!

17. Digitization of coaching

Webinars, online training courses and digital coaching are new coaching trends.

As a coach, wouldn't you prefer to be able to reach a wide audience with easy access and a manageable schedule?

This also leads to a significant reduction in your infrastructure costs and other costs.

I would like to convey that the days of personal coaching will pass. However, live interactions are still a requirement that is not enough.

If you want to stay successful and recognized, you have to match these coaching trends.

18. Coaching salaries will shift

According to the reports of the Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey 2018, the annual trainer salary among the niches in this field of activity is listed as follows:

Executive Coach Salary: $ 104,700 USD

Business Coach Salary: $ 61,000 USD,

Life Coach Salary: $ 37,000

There is no doubt that the coaching salaries were very high. But soon this salary range will shift or even widen.

Salaries will be split into a small elite group of certified trainers entertaining high paying clients and a much larger group of trainers providing low paying services.

19. Coaching matures and develops

The pool of professional, trained and qualified trainers will grow.

This, in conjunction with standards and regulations, further contributes to the maturity of the coaching profession.

Don't be surprised by an unexpected trend that is amazingly gripping the market. The coaching business is constantly evolving and thirsting for new coaching trends.

20. Emphasis is placed on continuous learning

You made an amazing deal! Great.

Now you think this tactic will work next time, don't you? Maybe even in the long run?

Absolutely wrong!

When dealing with customers, you will quickly discover that there are unique cases with bizarre requirements. Not every time one and the same method will lead to success!

So what should you do ...?

Keep learning and improving your skills. Master the latest technologies and tools.

The coach with the best interpersonal skills and in-depth expertise in his or her field will certainly be the quickest to land a coaching business with a 6-figure income.

21. Flexibility in leadership will shape some of the most amazing coaches

Eliminate unnecessary layers of complexity that slow down progress. The easiest way to bring agility into your development is careful planning.

For example, let's say you have a 10-session coaching program. It includes one session a week. Now you need to plan how you will get the results you want during this time.

What is your agenda for the first session? What's next? Don't waste time doing unnecessary things!

As a brilliant trainer, you need to be flexible and adaptable in many situations.

22. The convergence of marketing and direct response

Marketing is a long-term process. The direct response will help you better understand and evaluate your coaching services.

So what should you focus on?

Actually, it's not that complicated. As you rate the direct answers and improve, you are building a brand at the same time.

So far, “Marketing” and “Direct Feedback” have looked different for many trainers.

In 2021, the overlap of the two terms as one of the most important coaching trends will be foreseeable. Both will go hand in hand.

23. Video Marketing

Scenario 1: Lots of content to read because you definitely want to pass everything on to your customer.

Scenario 2: A video that shows your strategies and goals to your customers in picture and sound.

Which scenario will better capture your customers?

Efficient coaching requires efficient marketing. Of course, your customer is more likely to be captured by a video with picture and sound! If you don't go with this trend, you stand no chance.

Video marketing is undoubtedly an emerging coaching trend that many coaches will benefit from. It catches people's attention. If the material is made appealing enough, customers will literally soak up the material and completely forget about the time.Social media marketing will continue to grow in popularity.

The traditional marketing approach has already disappeared.

Prominent executives are aware of the immense potential of social media marketing and will make use of it.

In 2021, the need for social media marketing will increase, providing trainers with an easy and effective way to grow their business.

25. Growth

The coaching market continues to grow. There has been no decline. An ICF study from 2016 identified 53,300 trainers worldwide. This corresponds to an increase of 12% compared to 2012.

The coaching industry's revenue is estimated at over $ 2.4 billion and continues to grow.

I'm sure this trend is exhilarating enough to get you on the right track. If you have any doubts about the future of coaching, put them aside. The field of coaching will be financially profitable.

26. Coaching across borders will be the most common

With widespread global economy and technology at hand, the coaching economy will also take on global proportions.

So if you want to keep up with the latest coaching trends, it is extremely important that you are aware of international cultures, languages, etc. in order to be able to seamlessly adapt to your clients.

Bilingual / multilingual and culturally literate trainers will be in great demand.

27. Metrics are becoming common practice

Your customers request the results of their coaching sessions and measure them using certain key figures.

So if you think you can experiment with your client, then you are wrong.

They REALLY need to bring transformation into the coaching profession and prove to their clients that they are worth every investment.

For example, a company may want to identify certain outcomes, such as increased productivity or improved skill through the trainer.

28. Peer coaching will become more important

In 2021, peer coaching and internal coaching will gain in importance.

Although peer coaching usage rates are currently high, studies show that it is not as effective as it could be.

29. Systemic coaching skills

In the following years the skills of systemic coaching will increase, especially in the executive coaching industry.

If you want to lead people, teams and entire organizations, you need to master systemic coaching skills.

Systemic coaching helps to unleash the potential of an organization and to solve serious problems.

30. Impress, impress and again

Here you reach the milestone!

You need to impress your clients by following innovative methodologies and creative practices.

This is nothing new, but in 2021 most trainers will have to find novel and unique ways to attract their clients.

Make sure you literally stay in the running.

What do these trends mean in coaching (for new trainers)?

1. Only well-trained trainers will remain competitive.

2. The coaches must develop skills such as cultural competence and multilingualism and have additional specific training such as neuroscience.

3. More time for self-study will be needed.

4. Trainers must adhere to the coaching regulations.

5. Virtual coaching practices must be used.

6. "Super coaches" will use social media marketing extensively to get their messages across.

7. Experience will play a crucial role.

8. The relational approach will produce successful trainers.

9. The future of coaching looks extremely bright!