What is quality assurance test

McAfee DAT reputation technology

With the help of DAT reputation technology, you can prevent end devices from being updated with a DAT file that has already caused unexpected results in practice. While such events are very rare, they can have a significant impact on our customers. McAfee takes the quality and security of content very seriously and conducts rigorous quality assurance tests before content is released. This technology is an additional security mechanism to identify and contain any problems that may arise even after the content has been released.

DAT reputation technology comprises two components:

  • DAT reputation: Before the update, DAT Reputation performs a search through McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) to query the reputation of the DAT file. If the DAT file is classified as "blocking", the terminal will not complete the update.
  • Endpoint Safety Pulse: Endpoint Safety Pulse performs a series of health checks to inform McAfee of potentially significant real-world problems caused by a content update. Identifying such issues quickly is critical to timely containment and resolution.

Endpoint Safety Pulse collects the following types of data: operating system version and locale, McAfee product version, DAT and module version, and information about running McAfee and Microsoft processes. McAfee uses this data to check for potential content-related issues after DAT files are shared. The health check results are encrypted and sent to McAfee using SSL. The data is then aggregated and analyzed by McAfee to identify anomalies. When a significant problem is identified, McAfee incident response processes are used.

Customers with devices without internet access can disable McAfee DAT reputation via McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO). You can also download the stand-alone configuration file for use on unmanaged systems.


The data collected by McAfee DAT Reputation is used only to find content-related issues with all of our global customers. No personal data is recorded or transmitted. For more information about McAfee DAT reputation, see our FAQs.