Shanghai has snow

Shanghai weather, climate in Shanghai

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate with four different climate times. The winters are very cold and the temperatures often drop well below freezing point, plus some snowfall. In contrast, summers are usually hot and humid. The weather in Shanghai is usually mild and humid throughout the year, which is why spring and autumn are the best times to visit.

Rainfall is 1,200 mm (47 inches) each year. It rains a lot in Shanghai from June to September. From late August to early September there are often typhoons and downpours. But that rarely causes significant damage. You can also travel to Shanghai during this time. You will of course need umbrellas or raincoats for this. The temperature here is not extreme. The hottest month is July at 32 ° C (90 ° F). and the coldest is January at 1 ° C (34 ° F).

To avoid the heat of summer and the cold of winter, the best times to travel to China are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November).

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Average climate table Shanghai for each month

Maximum (OC) 8913192427323228231711
Minimum (OC) 1251116212525211593
Precipitation (mm) 49599097112169151146141574938

The best time to travel to Shanghai

The best time to travel to Shanghai is in spring and autumn, usually from March to May and from September to November. In spring there are pussy willows, peach blossoms and still flying oriole, it is really the best time to go hiking - for example to Nanhui to see the peach blossoms and to taste the peaches.

It should be noted that the traffic during this period is 4th / 5th. April to the cities in the area is very strong because the Shanghai families honor their dead during the Qingming Festival and go to the family graves to clean and decorate them.

Autumn, dominated by red leaves, is also the best time to try the crabs. In Shanghai they say: "When autumn comes, the crabs' legs itch." During this time, the shells of the crabs are yellow and plump, the meat is thick and appetizing - an attractive delicacy.

Shanghai has the typical subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, is mild and humid, and has abundant rainfall. The maximum temperature in Shanghai is in July and August and reaches temperatures of over 35 ℃ on at least ten days, then it is not pleasant to go outside. The lowest temperature is in January and February. Although there is little snow, the cold air and the biting wind from the north cannot be tolerated well. During these two months you have to protect yourself from the cold and dress warmly. The rainy season in Shanghai is in June and the beginning of July, when it is always rainy. Typhoon season is from late August to early September and sudden thunderstorms occur. You should always take your umbrella with you when visiting Shanghai during these four months.

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If you have a short time in Shanghai or you do not have a visa, Essenz travel within 3 days is recommended.

If you still want to enjoy the water village in the area around Shanghai, the Shanghai-Suzhou trip within 4 days is recommended.

Average climate table Shanghai in every season

Maximum (℃)14282812
Minimum (℃)621204
Precipitation (mm)8214411545

The spring

The landscape of Pudong, Shanghai in the spring

Weather: Spring is from March to May. It will be getting warm. Therefore, it is a good time to travel. The average temperature is around 15 ° C (59 ° F).

Precipitation: there is moderate rainfall.

Dress: It is best to wear sweaters and jackets for these times of the year. But for warmer days, lighter clothing is enough.

The summer

Weather: Summer is from June to September, so it is quite long. It is also very hot and humid. July and August are the hottest months in summer and the highest temperature can be as high as 40 ° C (104 ° F). In summer it rains an average of 11-14 days in each month. Typhoons and heavy rains are also very common.

Dress: Bring an umbrella! Wear summer clothes like skirts, shorts and t-shirts! Sunglasses and sunscreen are also necessary.

Activities: It is relaxing to visit the Yuyuan Garden in the summer and go boating on a river.

The autumn

Weather: Autumn is from October to November. It is mostly sunny and dry in autumn. Autumn is also the season of sharp and frequent temperature changes.

Dress: Long-sleeved T-shirts and sweaters as well as coats are required during this time of year.

Activities: The leaves of the deciduous trees begin to fall from the end of the season to the beginning of December. It is also the best time to eat crabs. Please see our website on Shanghai cuisine.

To travel: Shanghai is the best place to see the deciduous trees in autumn.

The winter

Weather: Winter is from December to February. In Shanghai, the weather is characterized by the cold and the drought. The coldest period is from late January to early February, during the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival. Temperatures usually drop below zero at night. and the low temperatures are the same as the temperatures in northern China's Beijing and Xi’an. But due to the north wind, Shanghai also has its character.

The average low and high temperatures in December are 2 ° C (35 ° F) and 11 ° C (51 ° F); in January, 0 ° C (32 ° F) and 7 ° C (45 ° F), and in February 1 ° C (34 ° F) and 8 ° C (47 ° F).

Dress: Dress warmly!

The weather in each month in Shanghai