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Character Creation (Skyrim)

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You have to Create characterbefore venturing through the world of Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may graze. You can choose one of ten races, all races have been given a more realistic, less comic-like look compared to the older games.

Each race has certain characteristics, which usually result in bonuses for certain values ​​and skills. In Skyrim, the character creation is much more detailed than in its predecessors. You can apply war paint or add scars to make the character look as believable as possible.

Customization [edit | Edit source]

After choosing from one of the ten races, the following design options are available:

  1. Determine gender, skin, complexion (skin tone), weight.
  2. Define scars, dirt, war paint and their color.
  3. Adjust body measurements, determine the size and shape of the nose, eyes, ears, jaw, mouth, cheekbones, etc.
  4. Adjust hair, facial hair, hair color.
  5. Designation.
When all of this is done, character creation is over and you can begin your journey.

Choice of race [edit | Edit source]

All races: races (Skyrim)

Race is the first thing that is determined by the player when creating a character. There are 10 different races:

Each race starts with its own skill bonuses. The bonus skills of the individual races are mostly passive, but can also be active, such as spells or the like. Passive bonuses are usually resistances to certain spells, elements, diseases or represent bonuses in magic, stamina or health.

Pictures [edit | Edit source]

The possible standard appearance of the breeds:

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