What is the best carafe for whiskey

Carafes for every occasion - serve drinks in style

There are carafes for a wide variety of drinks, from water to wine, everything can be served in style with them. Drinking bottle test offers you a short carafe comparison, which gives you a small overview of the range and how the different types of carafes work. How to find the perfect carafe for every occasion.

Buying a carafe: but which one? Buying a carafe is not always the easiest task. The different shapes usually determine the drinks to be used in them. A carafe comparison shows the different models:

  • Wine carafes
  • Whiskey carafes
  • Water carafes
  • Other beverage carafes

Buy a whiskey decanter

While a carafe for wine is designed so that the wine can develop its aroma through breathing, a whiskey bottle is more responsible for the opposite. A good whiskey ages in oak barrels, where it can develop its full aroma. After this maturation process, there is no longer any need to breathe. A whiskey carafe should therefore be easy to close so that no aroma is lost. Buying a carafe that is suitable for whiskey is often also for decorative reasons. The large selection ranges from industrially produced glass carafes to hand-blown art pieces from all over the world. In addition to a perfect cut, some manufacturers also offer modern designs with engraving, which are particularly suitable as gifts.

Buy the right water carafe

We mostly know it from restaurants: there stylish glass carafes with water are served with wine or other alcoholic beverages. If you want to bring this ambience into your home, you can buy a carafe to take home. In addition to the beautiful aspect, water carafes also have a simple, very practical advantage:

You can present your homemade drinks wonderfully in a carafe.

A water carafe on the table reminds you to drink enough daily. For many people this is not so easy. A variety of homemade drinks can also be served in such a carafe. This is a real alternative to conventional soft drinks and the like, which in any case do not quench thirst as well as water. The sugar content in soft drinks is usually very high, which is harmful to the body. In self-mixed drinks you can portion the sugar better, or you can simply do without it right away. In Germany we benefit greatly from the luxury of clean drinking water. It can be consumed directly from the tap without hesitation. In some places it is more calcareous than others, but a filter can help here. Approximately 30ml of water per kilogram of body weight are required daily. An example: For a woman weighing 55 kg, that would be 1.65 liters of water per day. Factors like:

  • temperature
  • Athletic training
  • health status

can, however, increase the intake.

Some carafes have another advantage: They are heat-resistant. This can be a blessing, especially in the cold season: With hot tea with lemon wedges, winter can be enjoyed even better! Incidentally, your sparkling water also looks better in a glass carafe.

Carafes in comparison: which model would you like?

Carafes are not only available in different shapes, but also in different sizes. While the average filling quantity is one liter, there are definitely smaller variants (e.g. for the office):

  • Carafes with a capacity of 0.5 l
  • Carafes with a capacity of 0.75 l

Larger variants, for example 1.3l or 1.5l, are still quite handy. However, larger models are usually more reminiscent of a jug. When it comes to the material, there is now a large selection. With or without a lid, there also remains a question to be clarified. If the water does not stand for too long, a lidless version can also be chosen. Today there are very different materials from traditional to modern:

  • Clay carafe → traditional variant
  • Porcelain carafe
  • Plastic carafe
  • Transparent glass carafe
  • Stained glass carafe

While a plastic carafe is extremely robust, a clay or porcelain variant offers the possibility of storing the contents protected from light. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

Carafes in comparison: the refrigerator carafe

As already mentioned, there are carafes in a wide variety of designs. In summer, however, a refrigerator carafe is particularly suitable. Its narrow shape is striking, which means it can fit into any refrigerator door. You can store your homemade iced tea, juice or lemonade in a cool place. Some manufacturers offer a carafe with a wide bottle neck so that you can easily fill in lemon, mint or lemon balm leaves.

How do you clean a glass carafe?

Limescale deposits in a carafe are not nice to look at. You can easily get rid of this by filling the carafe with a little warm water and adding baking soda. Let this mixture take effect a little and then rinse the carafe thoroughly. Some manufacturers now also offer carafes in which all parts are dishwasher-safe.