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Telugu is a Dravidian language that is spoken by around 70 million people in the densely populated southern Indian state of Andrha Pradesh and neighboring states. Tollywood is the third center of the Indian film industry next to Bollywood and Kollywood. Located around the capital Hyderabad since 1921, Tollywood produces around 200 films a year for the cinema-loving and well-connected Telugu speakers. Special prizes for films in Telugu have been given to film artists and technicians by Filmfare Magazine since 1990 (Filmfare Awards South India, since 2007 there is the Filmfare Legend Award). Since 2003 there has been a Telugu film award from the weekly film magazine Santosham, and the state of Andhra Pradesh annually praises the Nandi Awards in numerous categories. The themes of the Telugu film are similar to those of the Hindi and Tamil films; The dominant factor, of course, is the dramatized realization that love makes life more beautiful and worth living. A Telugu superstar like the 'Andrha-James-Bond' Krishna Ghattamaneni (born 1943) has appeared in over 330 films. (LK)

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