How did regional dialects develop from Spanish

Spanish dialects - A small one

Main dialects

If you live in Europe you will likely want to learn the Spanish spoken in Spain. However, did you know that different languages ​​are used even within the country? The official language is called Castilian. Other regions of the country have regional dialects such as Madrileño, which is spoken in and around Madrid and is the most widely used dialect in Spain. In addition, Spain has its own regional languages. This also includes Catalan, which is spoken in Catalonia and Barcelona, ​​but also in Valencia and the Balearic Islands. Basque and Galician are two other regional languages ​​spoken in Spain.

The Canary Islands are located on the south coast of Morocco and are officially part of Spain. The Spanish variant spoken there is called Canarian Spanish. It is most heavily influenced by Andalusian Spanish and Caribbean Spanish, but it also has similarities to some Latin American Spanish dialects. This is because many Canary Islands residents have moved to the Caribbean or Hispanic America.

Latin American Spanish is spoken mainly in Central and South American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. These countries all have their own accents and use country-specific words, but the term "Latin American Spanish" is used to distinguish this dialect from the way Spanish is spoken in Spain.

Peninsular SpanishSpoken in Spain is as different from Latin American Spanish as British English is from American English. At the same time, each of these countries has its own accents, just as the pronunciation of the Irish differs from that of the Californians.

Caribbean Spanish is spoken in Caribbean countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and along the north coast of Colombia. It is very similar to the Spanish used in Andalusia.