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Presidential Democracy (self-governed non-incorporated territory of the United States)




540 km²

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Guam is an island state in the Mariana Archipelago. The dwarf state has a total area of ​​only 540 km² and a total coastline of 149 km. This land mass is roughly 1.7 times the size of Bremen. This makes Guam the eleventh largest country in Oceania and 198th worldwide.

The archipelago consists of around 10 islands. Guam does not have any directly bordering countries. The distance between Berlin and the capital Hagåtña is approximately 11,340 km.

Current time in Guam:


May 2021

The country-wide in Guam is Chamorro Standard Time (CHST). Unlike in Germany, however, there is no summer time here. So there is a time difference of 9 hours in winter. In summer, however, the time difference is 8 hours.
Sunrise + sunset
The currency in Guam is the American Dollar (USD).
1 dollar is divided into 100 cents.
Status: May 22, 2021

1 euro = 1.22 dollars
1 dollar = 0.82 euros

The climate in Guam

In Guam, as in all equatorial countries, there is a tropical climate. There is no difference between the seasons as there is in Central Europe. The length of the day hardly fluctuates and the temperature differences between summer and winter are also smaller. The average maximum daily temperatures are between 30 and 32 degrees, depending on the season. In the colder months, the temperature drops, depending on the region, at night to up to 24 ° C in the monthly mean.

Average day and night temperatures


National language:

English, Chamorro



Gross domestic product:€ 5,012.70 million
Exported goods:€ 984.1 million
Imported goods:€ 2,595.0 million
›Unemployment rate:7.5 %
›Energy balance:1.6 billion kWh

Guam is sometimes referred to as a tax haven.

Land use

96% urban areas:516 km²
33% agriculture:180 km²
46% forests:250 km²



Road network:1,045 km
Commercial ports:3

The main cities

cityPart of the countryResidents
Hagåtña / capitalHagatna1.050
Dededo VillageDededo45.000
Yigo VillageYigo21.000
Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon VillageTamuning20.000
Mangilao VillageMangilao15.000
Barrigada VillageBarrigada8.880
Santa Rita VillageSanta Rita7.500
Mongmong-Toto-Maite VillageMongmong Toto Maite6.830
Chalan Pago-Ordot VillageChalan Pago-Ordot6.820
Yona VillageYona6.480
Agat VillageAgate5.660
Agana Heights VillageAgana Heights3.940
Talofofo VillageTalofofo3.220
Inarajan VillageInarajan3.050
Sinajana VillageSinajana2.850
Merizo VillageMerizo2.150
Asan-Maina VillageAsan2.140
Piti VillagePiti1.670
Hagåtña VillageHagatna1.050
Umatac VillageUmatac903

Political indicators

(Based on the World Bank's "Worldwide Governance Indicators" project)

Political stability:

Rule of law:


Regulatory quality:

Freedom of speech: