How do you do makeup for work

MAKE-UP KNIGGE IN JOB Make-up for the office

Good make-up adapts not only to its wearer, but also to the occasion. The right make-up for the office adheres to certain rules in order not to appear dubious but also not boring. Make up office-chic!

The office is not a catwalk. And certainly not a party. In the job, your skills and the unvarnished truth count. Nobody said, however, that you shouldn't look pretty at the same time. In fact, the opposite is the case! With the right one Make up for the office do not attract attention, but subtly underline your beauty and thus your self-confidence. Beautiful make-up strengthens the ego, pushes the appearance and therefore belongs to every successful business woman!

Perfect appearance thanks to a perfect complexion

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Make-up for the office always conveys a message. After all, you radiate and say something with your look. While a skilful evening make-up makes its wearer look sexy and seductive, the perfect make-up for the office exudes a certain seriousness and makes its wearer look mature and confident. You can create such a charisma with the perfect foundation. Because the serious Make up for the office starts with a perfect complexion.

Matte foundations create an even complexion and prevent unsightly greasy shine. Work with opaque textures that let your skin look perfect. Even unsightly redness or freckles, which look too cute in everyday business, are covered with a good make-up base.

Subtle reddening of the cheeks: blush in the office

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The night was again too short and the last glass of red wine a bit too much? Never mind The perfect one Make up for the office knows how to conjure up tiredness and freshness in the look in seconds. Discreetly flushed cheeks make the face look as relaxed as after a walk in the fresh air. In particular, delicate colors such as rosé or apricot ensure that extra wakefulness. Dark rouge tones, on the other hand, often look diva-like and therefore have no place in the office.

Eye make-up for the office: seriousness in view

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Shy looks are not for tough career women. Impressively made-up eyes are therefore part of a business woman's negotiating tool and therefore also the perfect one Make up for the office. But be careful: the eyes should be expressive, but not cheeky or even sexy. Basically, the more natural the make-up looks for the office, the better. Work with delicate shades of brown or gray. Spread the eyeshadow on the movable eyelid and let it flow gently to the edges.

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Bright colors or metallic effects have no place at the desk. A fine eyeliner gives the look more expression and is a must of make-up for the office. For even more alertness you can dab some white eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and spread nude-colored kaja on the inner edge of the lower lash line. Of course, mascara is also a must for office eye make-up. The eyelashes look particularly expressive but unobtrusive with dark gray or brown mascara.

Loud lips: let color do the talking

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In front of the boss or with customers, it is not just what the mouth speaks that counts, but also how it looks. A confident lip color gives the spoken word more expression. Anyone who thinks bright red lips are only for the evening is wrong. On the contrary: Loud lip color is pure self-confidence! And that is exactly the key to professional success. So get on with your brushes. Fire red, bright red or blood red: whatever you like is allowed. At least with one small caveat. The lip make-up for the office should only turn out motley if the eye make-up is not. If the eyes are already very noticeable with kohl and mascara, the lip color should be light so as not to overload the overall picture. With discreet and brightly accentuated eyes, you can use the paint pot more vigorously on the lips.

Fingernails for the office: showing your claws?

When it comes to finding the perfect manicure for the office, you literally need a sure instinct. Here, too, the art lies in the right weighting. Your rule is: the shorter the nails, the more colorful they can be painted. Even in conservative jobs, there is nothing wrong with short, brightly colored nails. If, on the other hand, you want to wear longer nails, visual restraint is required in the job. Delicate pastel colors or simple clear lacquer make the claws look serious and well-groomed.

Successful hairstyle: hair styling for the office

The days of strict buns are long gone. On the contrary: psychologists and coaches even underline the effect of the hairstyle on self-confidence. Open hair not only unconsciously provides more protection by covering the bare skin of the neck and neck, but also strengthens the ego. Everyone who comes freshly blown from the hairdresser knows this effect: With a proud mane, you feel much prouder at the same time. Use this coiffed self-confidence for your job.

The scent of everyday life: perfumes in the office

Your boss, your customers and of course your colleagues should be able to smell you good. There is more to this saying than many believe. Aromas and fragrances reach the brain's emotional center via the nose and unconsciously arouse certain associations. Fresh, fruity fragrances, for example, radiate the impression of agility and power; not bad qualities for the job, right? Sweet odeurs, on the other hand, appear girlish and shy. Wear such perfumes on a date rather than to work. Otherwise, when dealing with flavors on a day-to-day basis, you should only smell yourself subtly at work. A splash or two of perfume on the wrist is enough to keep the scent from becoming too intrusive.

Text: Linda Freutel

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