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Bibliographic database with approx.2,000,000 data from standards from 27 countries (e.g. ANSI, DIN, ISO), technical rules as well as German legal provisions with technical reference and applicable EU guidelines.

In addition, the full texts of the valid DIN standards (DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, DIN ISO, DIN technical report, DIN CEN, DIN PAS, DIN ETS, LN) are without VDE identification, VDI guidelines, ISO standards and DWA Guidelines (formerly ATV / DVWK guidelines) included.
Access is possible within the RWTH's IP range, outside via VPN.

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License conditions Perinorm, DIN standards and VDI guidelines

Please note the following information on using the full texts of DIN standards and VDI guidelines:

DIN grants the display points and their authorized users a non-exclusive right to use the electronic collection of standards.

Authorized users within the meaning of the contract are university members, lecturers and guest lecturers (for the duration of their assignment or stay), other members of the university and students.

  • The authorized users are allowed to carry out research for themselves and to copy a selection from the researched data into the main memory.
  • The authorized users are only allowed to save this data permanently for their own scientific use and to make paper copies of it.
  • A transfer of the data not covered by German copyright law in whole or in part - whether on electronic data carriers, by remote data transmission or as paper copies - as well as the granting of access for third parties to the stored data and the commercial transfer of information are not permitted.
  • Authorized users may reproduce individual contents of the collection of standards for the preparation and implementation of lectures and exercises as well as other training courses for university courses.

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