For what billionaires do you feel sorry for?

BILD asked billionaire Dirk Rossmann | How much wealth
can you show?

BILD interview with drugstore king Dirk Roßmann (70), who ranks 62nd on the super-rich list with assets of 2.6 billion euros.

BILD: A list of the super-rich is published every year. What do you make of it?

Dirk Rossmann: “It is absolutely legitimate and also necessary to publish such lists. The population has a right to know how wealth is distributed in our society. It's a reflection of reality. Wealth is often associated with power - but it also has something to do with responsibility. "

Germany's super-rich

According to the ranking, you increased by 200 million euros last year. How precise are these numbers?

Rossmann: “As a family, 2.6 billion euros - that can even be a little more. In terms of trend, it's absolutely right for me. We had a good year again last year. But when it comes to accuracy, these lists are not always entirely correct. "


Rossmann: “I know quite a few from the list. I know some of them have more. And with others, I know that they have significantly less. Anton Schlecker, for example, was always grossly overrated. "

Druggist King Dirk Rossmann

Do you feel sorry for Mr. Schlecker?

Rossmann: “I wouldn't call that pity. When a large company with many thousands of people collapses, it is associated with great problems for many, especially for the employees. "

As a billionaire, do you occasionally encounter social envy?

Rossmann: "Not directly. But when you go on television as an entrepreneur, there are people who project their aggression onto these people. There are people who don't like wealthy people. "

Is there a code of conduct for rich people? How much wealth can you show?

Rossmann: “I think humility is extremely important. The more wealthy a person is, the more modest he should appear in public. "

When was the last time you had sleepless nights for financial reasons?

Rossmann: “Not at all recently. But it was different in the 1990s. I expanded too quickly. After opening up to the east, I founded subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and got deeply in debt. "

How much cash do you have in your pocket right now, Mr. Roßmann?

Rossman: “About 280 euros. I hardly ever pay by card. "

What does a 15-pack of Tempo wipes cost at Rossmann?

Rossmann: “I definitely don't know. Two Euro?"


Rossmann: “Then I wasn't that bad at 2 euros. I don't go shopping either because we have a housekeeper. The only thing I buy from time to time is a scoop of ice cream in the ice cream parlor. "


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