Is PyCharm the best Python IDE

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Post Wed Feb 29, 2012 08:07

Good Morning,

before I had even produced 5 lines of usable code, I also worked for weeks with Eclipse, Netbeans, Eric, Wingware, Geany .....

From my experience I would recommend you to work without IDE. Check out 2 or 3 editors, pick one of them and get started!
Even the best IDE won't let you learn Python faster or better, I had to bury this hope at some point ... On the contrary: Especially at the beginning, when you should deal with the language itself, such an IDE is rather a hindrance and constantly distracts from the essentials.
Whether you want to use a finished IDE later or expand your editor with various plugins and (perhaps in connection with iPython) create your own individual IDE in this way, you can decide much faster and more effectively if you are familiar with Python.
For my part, I don't even use things like code completion now, and believe myself: I've really tried, because I think things like that are totally cool and chic. But after 2 days at the latest, I throw these various plugins overboard again, because in the end it doesn't really work any faster or better.
Ok, I'm not a professional and I'm not part of the amazing projects. Therefore I cannot judge how an experienced programmer z. B. is working on the Ploneproject. In any case, after various IDE excursions, I kept coming back to my favorite environment: VIM on the right - iPython on the left.

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