India is upset with Pakistan

India and Pakistan: Chronology of a Long Enmity

Since independence in 1947, the two states have been at war with each other on several occasions. This year tensions have increased again. The focus is on the old bone of contention: the Kashmir region.

August 2019

The Indian government is revoking the special status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Article 370 of the Indian constitution guaranteed the population of the disputed region from 1949 privileges such as its own constitution and flag. The exemption was once a condition for the predominantly Muslim region to join the newly independent India.

According to the announcement, the Kashmir Valley will stand still for weeks. The Indian government is sending tens of thousands of additional soldiers to the already highly militarized area. Internet and telephone connections are down, schools and shops are closed. Pakistan reacts angrily and with a vague threat: The foreign ministry has announced that it will examine “all possible options”.

February 2019

Pakistan drops bombs over Indian Kashmir. Two Indian warplanes are shot down during the operation. Several airports will be closed in India and Pakistan (February 27).

India bombs Pakistani territory near Balakot, a city on the Pakistani-Kashmiri border; According to Indian sources, a terrorist training camp will be hit (February 26).

A Kashmiri suicide bomber attacks a convoy of Indian security forces. Over 40 Indian paramilitaries are killed and dozen injured (February 14).

November 2017

Pakistan releases chief terrorists. A court in Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed from house arrest. He is considered to be the mastermind behind the bloody attacks in Mumbai in 2008. The US has put $ 10 million on him.

July 2016

Wave of violence in Kashmir. Indian security forces kill rebel leader Burhan Wani. There was unrest and severe repression that lasted for months, with dozens of deaths. This is followed by limited military action by Pakistan and India and an intense propaganda war. An attack on a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims in July 2017 further exacerbated the tension.


administered by China, claimed by India
administered by India, claimed by Pakistan
unresolved status between India and Pakistan
administered by Pakistan, claimed by India
April 2015

China is building the new silk road. With a corridor through Pakistan, Beijing wants to improve western China's access to the Indian Ocean. Roads, railways and ports in Pakistan are to be expanded.

December 2014

Attack on school in Peshawar. Terrorists raid a military school in Peshawar. They kill over 141 people, most of them children. It is a frontal declaration of war by the Islamists on the Pakistani military.

April 2011

Usama bin Ladin is killed in Pakistan. American commandos kill the Qaeda chief in his hiding place near Abbottabad in Pakistan. As a result, the relationship between Pakistan and the USA is even more strained than it is already.

November 2008

Mumbai attacks. Islamist terrorists from Pakistan attack colonial landmarks of the Indian economic metropolis: the Hotel Taj Mahal and Victoria Station, as well as other targets. There are over 160 dead and 300 injured.

February 2007

Stop on train from Delhi to Lahore. Bombs explode in two cars on the Samjhauta Express to Pakistan. A fire breaks out, 68 people are killed. Most of the victims are Pakistani. The perpetrators were never found.

February 2004

Nuclear secrets passed on. The nuclear physicist Abdul Qadeer Khan, known as the “father of the Pakistani atomic bomb”, confesses on television that he passed on atomic secrets to Libya, Iran and North Korea.

The case also affects Switzerland. In the so-called Tinner case, the Federal Council orders a highly controversial file destruction.

March 2002

Pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat. An arson attack on a train carrying radical Hindu pilgrims kills 58. As a result, there are riots against Muslims with over 1,000 dead; the police remain passive for a long time. The state's chief minister is Narendra Modi, who later became India's head of government.

December 2001