What do trains do during tornado warnings

Tornado in sight? You should keep these 5 points in mind

Hardly a day goes by without warning of storms or strong thunderstorms. These can take on storm-like forms: On Saturday, dangerous thunderstorm cells are announced in the north, which can also cause tornadoes.

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Tornadoes can even blow up wooden houses

Basically, the same precautionary measures apply as in a thunderstorm, since tornadoes arise from thunderclouds. This means:

Looking for shelter in buildings or, even better, in basements: As many walls as possible should stand between the window side and the people. A bed mattress can be placed over you as protection to protect yourself from falling fragments.

If a tornado is moving towards a wooden house, it is advisable to open all windows and doors instead of closing them: The air pressure in a tornado is significantly lower than in a closed house. If the tornado comes towards the house, the higher air pressure wants to lower it. With stronger tornadoes, houses with a light construction (like wood) can be blown up. The high air pressure can escape through open doors and windows. The house will then be devastated, but not torn apart by the violence of the tornado. The same does not apply to a massive brick and concrete house.

If you are surprised by a super cell or a tornado in the open, you should crouch down first in order to take the slightest point of attack for possible lightning strikes. There is danger to life!

Furthermore, one should estimate the trajectory of the supercell by observing the sky and, if necessary, move cautiously in the opposite direction and seek shelter in nearby houses or other buildings. Basically: On Minimum distance of one kilometer to the Tornado should be respected.

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