How do I cook simple dishes

Simple recipes - delicious is not difficult!

Try simple recipes for soups and salads, pasta dishes or great ideas from the oven. So simple, so delicious!


Simple recipes with few ingredients

Simple recipes already require that only a few ingredients have to be processed, because the more different foods are hidden in the recipe, the longer you are busy with different, challenging work steps. And not only that, the mountain with cookware to be washed also grows quickly with many ingredients. That's why you shouldn't miss our numerous 5-ingredient recipes or one-pot recipes, for example.


Easy-peasy recipes for breakfast

You don't feel like having simple sandwiches with jam, cheese or sausage every morning? Clearly: Simple and quick breakfast ideas are needed! If you value a healthy diet and are even looking for simple recipes for losing weight, then our simple ideas and recipes for a low-calorie breakfast are just right! Let yourself be inspired and start the day fit.


Easy recipes for lunch

To the Having lunch recipes are required that provide enough energy for the rest of the day! Quick pasta dishes, gnocchi recipes and tasty stir-fry dishes are usually particularly easy to cook. Your lunch will be ready in under 30 minutes, it tastes delicious and will completely satisfy the family with simple means.


Simply brilliant dinners

Our dinner shouldn't be too heavy in the stomach, because that makes us sleep poorly. That's why quick low-carb recipes are especially great in the evenings. They are often easy to cook and low in carbohydrates. But low-fat recipes are also a good choice for the evening. And because you usually don't want to stand in the kitchen too long after a long day, simple recipes for dinner are ideal.

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