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This is how it works: Check the short URL before opening

Short URLs can be displayed as long URLs with the help of add-ons
Image: Short addresses are a popular way to send a cumbersome or long URL via email or Twitter. Because potentially dangerous Internet addresses can lurk behind these shortened forwarding addresses from services such as, or Twitter's integrated shortener, users should only click on them with care.

The website [link removed] offers the option of displaying the destination from shortened addresses. All you have to do is enter the link there. After clicking on "Expand", the page shows what is hidden behind the short address.

Advantages of the short url

Short URLs can be displayed as long URLs with the help of add-ons
Image: Short addresses offer numerous advantages. They can be used to display long and cryptic addresses in a space-saving and user-friendly manner. They are often used in the short message service Twitter, where the message length is limited to 140 characters. Depending on the service used, the sender also receives an overview of how many users have followed the short link.

However, the recipient cannot immediately see what is behind the short address. The apparently harmless link could lead to pages prepared by fraudsters, which execute malware on the computer via vulnerabilities in the browser.

Services like are also available as extensions for the Firefox and Chrome browsers. The small programs with names like LongURL [link removed] or Longurlplease [link removed] show the destination behind a shortened link, for example when you hold the mouse pointer over it, depending on the browser.

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