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Pacifier causes sucking burns: mother's warning

July 12, 2018 - 10:28 a.m.

Negative pressure creates "burn blisters" in babies

When Kristen Milhone from the US state of Michigan lifts her son Jack out of his bed, everything is initially the same. But then she sees the bad wound on his left cheek. Terrified, she rushes to the hospital with her baby. There it is found: It is a suction burn - triggered by Jack's pacifier!

Doctors initially cannot find an explanation

"My baby had a coin-sized, reddened area with blisters on the side of his face that he had been lying on. I immediately thought: a chemical burn!" Wrote Kristen on her Facebook post. But the young mother finds nothing in his bed that could have caused the injury. Even the doctors cannot explain the phenomenon at first.

Injury was caused by opening on the back of the pacifier

Only after a thorough examination does it become clear: the burn blisters must have come from the pacifier that Jack suckled on that night. Opening "The diameter of the wound was exactly the same as the hollow of the pacifier," says Kristen. The Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifier has a special opening on the back. The hospital found that it must have been sucked onto the seven-month-old boy's cheek as he turned on his side in his sleep. Now Jack's mother is warning other parents: "My poor, innocent baby was injured by a product that millions trust and that has been used properly." The pictures of your Facebook post clearly show the consequences.