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Online simulation game "The usual suspects"

In this simulation game, the participants take on the roles of 11th grade students who have to find a solution to the consequences of a stink bomb prank at their school. The focus is on the topics of discrimination, racism and solidarity. Thanks to the innovative format of the video simulation game and the realistic setting, the game offers easy access to questions about social interaction. The content of the simulation game is conveyed via short videos, so that you can get started with the game without extensive reading of the text. In the evaluation, the participants deal with ways of countering discrimination in solidarity.


Suitable: from 13 years

Group size: approx. 11-20 participants

Meeting: on demand

Duration: approx. 120 - 150 minutes (possibly extended by reflections in working groups)


Technical requirements:You can book all offers free of charge and easily for your class. To participate, you usually only need a PC, laptop or tablet with internet access, audio and video channels, plus an up-to-date internet browser for your pupils. If this is not available, you can also participate via your smartphone. The software used is Zoom (alternatively "Big Blue Button"). The Youth and Politics Forum will lead the workshop. You do not need to have any prior technical knowledge.


Questions about the program:
Claudia Abay,forumjugend (at) fes.de, (0228) 883-7118


Work unit: Forum Youth and Politics | Active democracy