Pray the rosary in scripture

The rosary is usually prayed with the help of a consecrated prayer cord with a cross (in memory of Christ's death on the cross it is best made of wood) and a large number of balls (beads), most of which are arranged in a circle. The prayer cord, like prayer, is called the rosary.
In the closed part of the circle there are five groups with 10 closely spaced "small" pearls, between which, each recognizable by a large distance, there is a "large" pearl (here colored red). Each of these small pearls means "Greetings, Maria", the large pearls mean "Our Father". (The large and small pearls are the same size in many rosaries, but can always be identified by the distance to the next pearl)
The cross is on the free part of the prayer cord - this is where you begin to pray the rosary. It denotes the creed. ("I believe in God ...").
During prayer, the pearls are usually slid between the thumb and forefinger of the right or left hand, always the pearl that marks the part of the rosary that is being prayed. So you always know where you are.
(It is not so recommendable, but it is also possible to pray the rosary without a prayer cord, possibly with the help of the 10 fingers.)