Why do people get finger skin piercings

That's how dangerous a finger piercing is

From STYLEBOOK | April 03, 2018, 1:47 p.m.

Finger piercing instead of wedding ring seems to be the latest weird trend in marriage. Not only does it look to be used to, but can also backfire, as STYLEBOOK confirmed an expert.

The classic wedding ring made of gold, platinum or white gold as a stuffy relic of bygone times? An alternative for those who like to experiment is apparently the “engagement piercing” or “wedding piercing” - a questionable trend that is supposed to seal the bond of life on the ring finger.

Dangerous love that gets under your skin

This type of piercing is the so-called dermal anchor method. The end piece does not protrude on the other side like a classic piercing, but is pushed as an implant directly under the skin. The gem is then screwed onto the inserted thread. The relatively new and extremely painful method, which has so far mainly been used in the décolleté and neck area, is not without problems, because the healing time can take several months. So is such a finger dermal as a wedding ring alternative really a good idea?

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Experts warn of the new piercing trend

Andrea Liebenow, dermal expert and managing director of the Berlin piercing studio “Dermals & Anchors” clearly advises against: “Fingers and hands are constantly in motion, you get stuck with the gem in your pocket or somewhere else. In addition, the risk of bacterial infections is enormous. Most of the time, the body sheds the dermal on its own after one or two weeks, if it has not already become badly infected. ”She herself has to do with customers who want to have a finger piercing done:“ I think so for irresponsible, I will inform you about the dangers and then send you back home. "

Warning, this picture is not for the faint of heart!

How quickly a finger dermal can go wrong has already been painfully experienced by some. So instead of a romantic stone, this young lady has to do with a lifelong scar from now on.

So let's stick with the good old wedding ring!

A symbol that actually stands for “eternal bond” should neither hurt nor ignite, fester or fall off. Changing rings at a wedding in the classic way is not boring or stuffy at all. And completely harmless! So let's stick with it and send finger piercing into the nirvana of the most senseless trends of the 21st century.

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