Which animal has the strangest habit?

where my desk used to be, there are black lines at the level of the table top. Every animal has its own little toy. Starting every sentence with "And then" is one of the worst habits ever. Have fun! \ R \ r ***** \ r \ rSUPPORT ME on patreon: ... I have some very strange habits, some of which are very funny and which I would like to share with you. You look ahead Hey everyone has one or the other quirk or you become aware that that's what you miss the most. For example, if I fall into bed on Friday night, dead tired after the week, I don't want the ... Or I'm with a bag against the wall. This time it's about my bad habits. At the end, check grammar and spelling. Good morning lovelys,

Since I am a totally curious person, I would like to know from you what habits / quirks you have (grin)

I can only sleep with the bedroom door open, otherwise I feel totally uncomfortable. In addition, I sleep on my side and always have to have the corner of the bedspread between my arms and my head and ... that make you an animal? Hello I would be interested if you have any strange quirks / habits. I've lived in my apartment for almost three years and there are now some spots with quirks on the walls. Describe yourself as crazy. Everyone has to love their partner for who he is, with his rough edges. Now that you are alone, you are missing all of his quirks and bad habits. People who do this are generally the least crazy. Go and steal something, have an imaginary friend, kill someone, get instructed. 4. The FREAK in us - people and their quirks Note: under quirks I summarize everything that can be classified under strange habits, convictions that influence everyday life, unusual aversions or "small neuroses". In the middle of the city, on the 6th floor, with a total of 13 tenants, noise can sometimes not be ruled out, but when the lady from the 7th hangs up white laundry that has been treated with bleach and drips onto my jeans, I get angry. For example, I cannot sleep when my foot pokes out from under the covers because I am afraid that it will be eaten and I cannot sleep when it is very dark and probably much more but I can't think of anything anymore. They like r / ComedyCemetery humor and their idea of ​​"being crazy" is making weird faces in pictures while partying .. No, that's not crazy. I think everyone has their own habits, be it picking their nose, rooting around in their teeth or exaggerated perfectionism .. Question for you: What are your quirks and habits? For example, I don't like open doors or cupboards ... I always get such a bad feeling. Habit that contributes in part to the amusement of others. Hey rabbits! \ RToday there is another video in German with German and English subtitles. Your quirks and habits from HennKai »01/29/2019 10:41 PM Inspired by a long conversation with my wife about strange habits, quirks and compulsions, I wanted to hear what you can do xD alternate sentence beginnings. In a partnership, it doesn't have to be perfect for it to be perfect.

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