What is the future of stock trading

Thought Transfer Stock Trading?

New technologies are also conquering the trading areas of banks. But what will they look like in 50 years? A future study sees trades via thought transfer and many other things that seem futuristic today.

Future trends in the trading areas of banks.

What will banks' trading floors, stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities look like 50 years from now? Will humans be displaced from the retail sector by the emergence of algorithms and artificial intelligence?

A group of writers and analysts at retail company IG envisioned a world where technology and people will work hand in hand in 2069. Some of the proposals seem far-fetched today, but the company points out that vision for the future builds on existing research in areas such as neuroscience.

Thought transfer trading

The average reaction time for a person is 0.1 to 0.2 seconds. Thanks to thought-driven trading technology, traders in 2069 could use their thoughts to open and close positions within this period, sense market movements and communicate with one another directly from brain to brain via thought transmission.

Alternatively, human brokers could be replaced with AI assistants who can talk to traders, suggest strategies, and quickly open and close positions.

Hardware for controlling emotions

The study also predicts the use of hardware that inhibits the influence of negative emotions. Logic and self-control would be strengthened, and emotions associated with bad decisions would be inhibited.

Trading platforms may be able to detect when fear or greed is affecting a trader and take action to close positions or freeze accounts to prevent unnecessary risk from arising.

Experts predict that usable quantum computers are only 20 years away, which opens up the possibility for retailers to analyze big data faster and better in order to find hidden connections.

3D trading room in your pocket

In addition, 3D interfaces would enable retailers to open their own personalized holographic trading room via their mobile phone, control the virtual screens and manage positions with haptic feedback.

Video: The Future of Trading

The following video summarizes these and other visions for trading in the future from the perspective of a time traveler: