What breed of cats is from Egypt

Egyptian Mau character

By nature, the Egyptian Mau is friendly, people-related, cuddly, playful until old age, intelligent, sensitive and active. Their affection and cuddling experience are increased when the owner of this wonderful cat breed challenges and encourages his roommate kitty extensively with intelligence toys, movement toys and scratching toys. Because that is what she needs, and if these basic needs are met, she will thank her human roommate with a lot of cuddles and human orientation.

In this context, it is also important that you can find the time to devote yourself to playing with your beloved feline friend. This strengthens the connection between the two of you, corresponds to a species-appropriate attitude - and will be a lot of fun for you too. Living together with other conspecifics also offers the Egyptian Mau the stimuli it needs to feel good. Especially when you can spend less time with the cat, having a second cat in the household is very important for their well-being.

The Egyptian Mau tends to be cautious towards strangers. The mini tiger of Egyptian origin is more than just related to humans - it needs the love of its human roommate very much and would literally die without it. This causes it to demand the love of its owner at times in a gentle but emphatic way.

The Egyptian Mau is the fastest of all cats. It can reach top speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. So that it can let off steam according to its kind and cover longer distances, it is very important that the Egyptian Mau cat has plenty of exercise. A large, cat-safe garden is ideal for them. If possible, she should be kept outdoors because of her pronounced urge to move. Because she really likes jumping and climbing. However, it is quite adaptable and can in principle also be happy in an apartment. Then the apartment should offer her as much space as possible.

In the home, too, this very active cat needs climbing opportunities and other suggestions that correspond to a species-appropriate life. This includes, among other things, beautiful vantage points, because she likes to sit elevated. For example, a scratching post with several levels is suitable. As already mentioned, the Egyptian Mau also prefer to spend time cuddling with their human roommates. However, this sometimes very active mini tiger is not a classic lap cat.

This breed of cats does not like loud environments. She can sometimes react terribly to noise. She prefers a quiet environment and is always looking for peace and quiet. Therefore, you should provide retreats, such as playhouses. The Egyptian Mau could be said to have characteristics of dogs: they are very protective, loyal and known to greet their owners at the door when they come home.