Should I sleep in my underwear

Not just because of the heat: 7 reasons why you should sleep naked

A look into German bedrooms reveals that more than one in ten sleeps naked. At 13 percent, according to the trend research institute Ears and Eyes, the proportion of Germans sleeping freely is well below those who go to bed in pajamas (43 percent) or in a combination of underpants and T-shirts (30 percent). But there are the following good reasons that speak clearly in favor of a textile-free slumber.

1. Sleep healthier

According to a study by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, those who go to bed in Adam's costume sleep better. The scientists see the reason that the body automatically cools down a few degrees over the night. And this works better without clothing. Those who are wearing socks and pajamas, on the other hand, do not sleep as soundly as naked sleepers and also wake up more frequently.

2. Happier relationship

A survey from England with more than 1,000 respondents also provides good arguments for two people to cuddle up in bed without a cover. The evaluation of the answers showed that 57 percent of the naked sleepers have a happy relationship. Dressed couples, on the other hand, did not even say 50 percent of the same. At 38 percent, this value was lowest among users of pajamas.

3. Closer bond with the partner

By cuddling up next to your partner skin to skin, you also promote bonding. This can be attributed to the hormone oxytocin, which is increasingly released by the body when it comes into contact with the skin. In addition, naked sleepers get in the mood faster, which is also to be rated positively, especially since sex has been shown to be healthy.

4. Better sperm quality

Guys who sleep naked have better sperm quality. The reason is the temperature sensitivity of the male genitals. This is because a high temperature affects the sperm production in the testicles. Bare sleeping is also a preventive measure against infections. By not wearing underwear, the penis is better ventilated. After all, the shorts create a warm, humid climate in which bacteria are known to feel particularly comfortable.

5. For figure-conscious people

Slim in sleep - a dream of many people. However, this wishful thinking is not far from reality, as scientists from various US research institutes found out. If you sleep in cool rooms, you can activate your adipose tissue in the face of the cold and thereby boost your calorie consumption.

6. Forever young

The trade journal "Sleep" published a study in 2014, according to which sleeping naked keeps you young longer. The reason for this is the production of the hormone melatonin, which is promoted by the cooler climate under the duvet. The result is an increased release of anti-aging and growth hormones.

7. Reduce body odors

Someone who lies in bed naked, sweats significantly less compared to wearing pajamas. Cotton pajamas in particular are generally not very breathable, especially since the cotton fabric is not a good insulator. This prevents adequate air circulation around the body and skin. This promotes sweating. As a naked sleeper, on the other hand, you wake up fresher and can save yourself the morning shower every now and then.