What is the Amazon Vendor Express

The end of Amazon Vendor Express

Three years ago Amazon launched the Vendor Express program brought to life. The program makes it easier for wholesalers to list their products on Amazon. Usually, wholesalers can only participate in the regular Amazon Vendor Program by invitation.

Vendor Express program just a short experiment?

On Monday, Amazon published a report (CNCBC report) that the Vendor Express program ended becomes. Amazon explained to its customers that as of March 21, 2018, the acceptance of orders will be stopped and the program will be "continuously unavailable" from January 1, 2019.

"We are constantly looking for ways and ways to optimize the sales experience on Amazon," said Amazon in the email. "After careful evaluation, we decided to close the Vendor Express and focus on other sales programs."

Amazon confirmed to CNCBC that the Vendor Express program will be closed and the existing vendors will be "transferred to alternative sales channels on Amazon".

The program was launched by Amazon in 2015 as a new sales channel (sales channel). Sellers should be given the opportunity to sell products in large quantities and thus act as a kind of "mini vendor". While Amazon invites you as a vendor in most cases, the Vendor Express program also allowed smaller brands and retailers to sell their products directly to Amazon. As with the "big vendors", Amazon then acted as a reseller to customers.

Quality problems in the Vendor Express Reason for the end?

Amazon did not disclose the exact causes why this Vendor Express program closed becomes. As the news broadcaster CNBC reported, many retailers have complained that since the program began, many counterfeit products have been sold to Amazon, delivered and thus entered the market. A vendor who did not want to be announced described the case that the Vendor Express program required large quantities of sample products before the start of sales. Overall, it was a rather inadequate process for him to confirm the authenticity of the products.

“Amazon may have noticed that the quality of the retailers was not there and the return on investment was not convincing enough with this program,” said Joe Kaziukenas - CEO of Marketplace Pulse. "Amazon would prefer that smaller sellers take the risk and participate as a third party in the marketplace program."

Amazon, on the other hand, encourages smaller retailers in particular to sell their products on the Amazon Marketplace, where they themselves act as retailers and can take advantage of Amazon logistics via the FBA program.

According to reports from various sellers, the Vendor Express was stuck between the marketplace and the “Invite-Only” vendor program with no clear goals. In the end, that should have been the reason why Amazon will now close the express program and continue to rely more on the two pillars of “seller” and “vendor”. It remains to be seen what happens to the Amazon marketing service accounts that some sellers have opened as part of a vendor express. For a few months it has not been possible to use this small “workaround” to get access to AMS even as a non-vendor.

Official email from Amazon to close Vendor Express

Anyone who still has an active Vendor Express account on Amazon recently received this information email about closing the account:

Good day,

We always strive to offer our sellers and suppliers the best possible sales experience on Amazon so that they can reach customers and increase their sales. After carefully reviewing our sales programs, we have decided to discontinue Vendor Express.

From May 21, 2018, Amazon will discontinue orders via Vendor Express and you can no longer add, edit, or sell your products in Vendor Express. However, you can send your invoices to us until June 30, 2018. You can still view payments and invoices until January 1, 2019. From this point on, Vendor Express is no longer available permanently.

More ways to sell on Amazon

In order to continue to benefit from the peak sales on Prime Day and on public holidays, we recommend that you sell your products as a seller via Amazon Marketplace. Half of the products sold on Amazon worldwide are from companies that sell their products through the Amazon Marketplace. To do this, you need a Seller Central account.

If you already have a Seller Central account, you can still sell your products on the Amazon Marketplace. If you don't have a Seller Central account, you can find more information about selling on Amazon here

We really appreciate your business relationship with us and hope that you will continue to sell your products on Amazon Marketplace. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, you can find more information on this help page:



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