What is good sakura fan fiction

Fan fiction

  • Surname Sasuke Uchiha
    Age 12
    place of residence Konohagakure
    Hobbies not much, except maybe exercise
    weakness no real one available
    Strength His sharinghan and otherwise his jutsus

  • Surname Sakura
    dress Ninja clothing from Oruchimaru

  • Surname Naruto Uzumaki
    Age 12
    place of residence Konoha Gakure
    Hobbies work out, eat noodle soup and always stand around at the noodle soup stand
    weakness to feel lonely
    Strength the nine-tailed fox

  • Surname Kakashi Hatake
    Age 28-30
    place of residence Konoha Gakure
    Hobbies Read flirtation paradise and be late
    weakness actually none (unknown)
    Strength the sharinghan, anyway that he is so strong

  • Surname Sakura Haruno
    Age 12
    place of residence Konoha Gakure
    Hobbies Do something with the team and otherwise girly
    weakness it is not very strong
    Strength the gene jutsu and the shakra control

  • Surname eyes

  • Surname thanks

  • Surname Orchimaru
    Age about 40-50
    place of residence Otu-gakure
    Hobbies Torturing people, making plans for destruction and here: making plans for Sakura
    weakness it is unknown
    Strength he is one of the 3 Sanin and that gives him a lot of strength

  • Surname Haku Mijajo
    Age 20
    place of residence Oto-gakure
    Hobbies to serve one's master, to train, to harm people, etc.w wicked things
    weakness he easily feels weak when shot by his master
    Strength Tai-justu, nin-justu

  • Surname Itachi and Sasuke

  • Surname Onaru Bakagu
    Age 18
    place of residence Oto-Gakure later Suna-Gakure again
    Hobbies nothing just train
    weakness nothing really
    Strength Nin-jutsu, tai-jutsu

  • Surname Samisa Bakagu
    Age 9
    place of residence Suna-Gakure (at the beginning)
    Hobbies paint, play with her brother
    weakness Afraid of stronger ninjas
    Strength when she is with her brother

  • Surname Thanks for 100 clerks!

  • Surname Thank you picture 2

  • Surname PN list

  • Surname Omagu Himishi
    Age 30
    place of residence Suna-Gakure (at the beginning)
    Hobbies -
    weakness -
    Strength -