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Bismarck towers: excursion destinations with a view

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The column-like tower made of granite boulders near Bad Schwartau is 13 meters high.

There is one in Bad Schwartau, in Hameln, in the Harz Mountains and in Göttingen: towers that were once built in honor of Otto von Bismarck. In Lower Saxony alone there are still eleven Bismarck towers today, and another six in Schleswig-Holstein. Nationwide there should be around 150. Many stand on hills and are known and popular as observation towers. Other similarities: They were built around 1900, mostly they have a square floor plan and were built from regional stones.

Towers in the east of Schleswig-Holstein

In Schleswig-Holstein, the towers are mainly in the eastern part of the country between Hamburg and Holstein Switzerland. The northernmost tower belongs to the municipality of Quern, east of Flensburg. With a height of 30 meters, it is one of the largest Bismarck towers in the north. In Lütjenburg, the almost 19-meter-high Bismarck Tower is the city's landmark. The decaying tower at Vierer See near Plön is hidden in a wooded area. The massive Bismarck tower on Priner Berg north of Bad Schwartau offers a good view of the surrounding area. This also applies to the 27 meter high tower in Aumühle, whose lower floors are used by the community as a library. In contrast, the almost 20 meter high Bismarckian column Friedrichsruh in Reinbek is not accessible.

The largest tower is in Göttingen

The 31 meter high Bismarck tower near Göttingen was inaugurated in 1896.

In Lower Saxony, the towers are concentrated in the southern part of the country. At 31 meters, the largest Bismarck tower is on the eastern outskirts of Göttingen. The stately building consists of a hexagonal main tower and a so-called climbing tower. From April to September, the viewing platform on the climbing tower is open on weekends and public holidays. It offers a distant view that extends in the northeast to the Brocken in the Harz Mountains and in the west to the Weser Uplands.

Bad Lauterberg in the southern Harz has the highest tower in the north. It stands in the middle of the forest on the 535 meter high Kummelberg and offers a view of the Harz and the southern foreland from a viewing platform at a height of 15 meters.

Students initiated the construction of the Bismarck towers

It is no coincidence that the Bismarck Towers are similar in shape and material. The building goes back to a movement that students started in 1898. They wanted as many towers as possible to be built in Germany to commemorate the former Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who had just passed away. Although the pioneer of the German Reich was quite controversial as a politician, it was popular in large parts of the population. So there was and is a Bismarckstrasse in almost every major town. For the construction of the individual Bismarck towers, mostly wealthy citizens and local business people got involved.

Fire for birthday

The 15-meter-high Bismarck is in the Old Elbe Park in Hamburg.

The students' idea was to use the towers as pillars of fire. On Bismarck's birthday, fires were supposed to be blazing across the country. There were fire bowls on many of the Bismarck towers, but most of them no longer exist today. An overview of all Bismarck towers in Germany is provided by a map from the Federal Cartography Office and a private website with lots of information. In addition, there are Bismarckian columns or statues in some places. The world's largest monument is a 34 meter high rotunda with a huge Bismarck statue in the old Elbpark in Hamburg. The controversial structure is currently being renovated at a cost of millions.

Map: Bismarck Towers in the north

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