What should tourists wear when visiting Morocco

Courtesy, manners and customs in Morocco

A Muslim country

Morocco is a Muslim country, in which, as in many other Maghreb countries or in the Muslim world, radical currents have existed for years, even decades. In cities like Tangier, a very traditional city in northern Morocco, in Casablanca or in the capital Rabat, more and more women are veiled. A radicalization that contrasts with the development of part of today's Moroccan youth who dreams of modernity, nightclubs, electronic music and mini-skirts.

The importance of Islam in the country and the radicalization of the last few decades therefore require special respect from tourists and, above all, extensive observance of this religion when traveling to Morocco.

That of course includes respect in Morocco religious sites and especially the mosques, which one may only enter appropriately dressed, but also respect for Muslim practices such as prayer or Ramadan. Don't forget that in Ramadan it is not allowed to eat before sunset. So don't snack on sweets in broad daylight on the street in front of everyone else.

A traditional country

In Morocco it is often saidthat one should neither criticize the king nor the religion and not talk about the conflict with the Sahrawis. These three very sensitive issues for the country should not be discussed publicly on a trip to Morocco. In fact, the media in the country are still very unfree. You can't just go and write or publish anything, especially when it comes to these three topics.

Morocco is still very traditional and modernization over the years is not in sight. Rather the opposite can sometimes be observed. In Morocco, for example, abortion and homosexuality are still banned and threatened with imprisonment.

Behavior in Morocco

First and probably most important piece of advice: wear appropriate clothing. It is intended to express respect for the religion and traditions of the country. Morocco is not the country, in which men run through the streets with bare chests or even women wear mini skirts or hot pants and a deep cleavage. Most of the women swim in their clothes on the beaches. In some places this is more appropriate than a swim in a bikini. Basically, one should give preference to the bathing suit in dark color on the public beaches.

Especially when visiting the major tourist centers or the various festivals, do not forget that you are in a Muslim country. Even when you are surrounded by foreigners, always behave respectfully towards the customs, customs and traditions of the country.

Learn a few bits of Arabic so you can exchange a few words with the locals. This is always welcomed and can perhaps save you from embarrassing situations.

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Updated on September 23, 2015