Did Hillary Clinton's victory badly

Hillary Clinton announces victory over left-wing Bernie Sanders

"There is no way I won't." Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (article photo) is now claiming the presidential candidacy of the US Democrats for herself. "I'll be my party's candidate, that's for sure," she told CNN. She has received a total of three million more votes than her rival Bernie Sanders in the previous primary elections, and this lead is unachievable.

Message to Sanders

The race is still going and Sanders from the party left has not officially given up. The last pre-election round will take place on June 7th, when the most populous state of California will vote. Clinton appealed to her inner-party challenger to turn his powers against the alleged Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Sanders had promised to do everything possible to prevent Trump from winning in November, the former first lady reminded. "I now expect Senator Sanders to do what he says."

Didn't give each other anything in the primary campaign: The Democratic candidates, Clinton and Sanders

Clinton described real estate mogul Trump as "a threat to our country, our democracy and our economy". You yourself know from experience how difficult the office in the White House is. And she came to the conclusion "that he is not qualified to be President of the United States," she said.

Bottom drawer

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential candidate, made Clinton's husband Bill the target of his polemical attacks on the Democrats. He accused him of "rape". In an interview with the conservative broadcaster Fox News, Trump dug up the allegations of sexual abuse against the ex-president that had been made in previous decades.

Trump had already emphasized several times that he considered the former extramarital escapades and alleged sexual assaults by Bill Clinton as a legitimate part of his election campaign.

The billionaire had become increasingly on the defensive even in the past few days because of his dealings with women. The newspaper "New York Times" had alleged at the weekend that Trump had repeatedly "crossed the line" over the decades with women - for example with clumsy approaches.

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