Will Independence Day Resurgence get a sequel?

Independence Day: return

Independence Day: return

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Independence Day: Resurgence

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Roland Emmerich
Dean Devlin
Carter Blanchard


Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich
Harald Kloser



Harald Kloser
Thomas Wander

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Independence Day: return (Original title: Independence Day: Resurgence) is the sequel to the science fiction classic published in 1996 Independence Day and was released in German cinemas on July 14, 2016. In the United States, it came out on June 24th. As in the predecessor, Roland Emmerich directed the film. In addition to old stars such as Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, numerous new actors are represented, such as Liam Hemsworth.

Plot [edit | Edit source]

After the earth was able to prevent the malevolent aliens from their invasion in Independence Day, but not from the destruction of numerous large cities and their landmarks, the world is no longer the same 20 years later. This is not least due to the fact that mankind has appropriated the extraterrestrial technology in order to rebuild their homeland and to prepare for a possible further attack. The excitement has now subsided, but the aliens defeated two decades ago have sent a signal into space to request support from their galactic allies. And this cry for help is answered 20 years later.

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Cast [edit | Edit source]

role actor Voice actor
David LevinsonJeff GoldblumMartin Umbach
Thomas J. WhitmoreBill PullmanDetlef Bierstedt
Jake MorrisonLiam HemsworthLeonhard Mahlich
Dylan Dubrow-HillerJessie UsherAmadeus Strobl
Patricia WhitmoreMaika MonroeVictoria Frenz
President LanfordSela WardArianne Borbach
Dr. Catherine MarceauxCharlotte GainsbourgIrina Wanka
JasmineVivica A. FoxAnke Reitzenstein
General AdamsWilliam FichtnerPeter Flechtner
Dr. Brakish OkunBrent SpinerMichael Pan
Julius LevinsonJudd HirschKlaus Sunshine
Charlie MillerTravis TopeVanya Gerick
Dikembe UmbutuDeobia OpareiTilo Schmitz

Criticism [edit | Edit source]

Independence Day: return cannot convince like its predecessor. The new actors don't ignite, the plot doesn't pull. The positive remains the incredible depiction of the destruction and the unmistakable humor - Indpendence Day: return Definitely offers entertainment but is unlikely to gain cult status.

"The thunderstorm of effects occasionally touches the line to CGI overkill, but most of the action and destruction scenes have something old-fashioned and enjoyable just because of the not-too-fast pace. And the whole thing is sufficiently silly that it is by no means taken seriously: not only when the Hollywood Swabian is preparing to flatten the now rebuilt White House one more time ("White House Down" could be called several of his films), we experience one amusing surprise. At the same time, this moment has no significance for the plot - the five scriptwriters don't bother with the intricacies of storytelling. [...] Roland Emmerich as we know him: "Independence Day: Return" is a fun orgy of destruction, which was staged with a lot of sense of humor and little concern about plot and figure drawing."
- filmstarts.de
"[...] First the good news: The show values ​​of “Independence Day: Wiederkehr” are overwhelming. If God should ever need help with the apocalypse - Roland Emmerich is his man. Nobody else dismantles half the planet with such bombastic credibility. The bad: you don't really care. “Okay - the earth is a heap of rubble. Damn. But it doesn't matter ... it'll be fine. ”The world from“ Independence Day 2 ”to the onset of the orgy of destruction has never really grown dear to anyone. Likewise the population - especially the newcomers. No matter how much fighter pilot Liam Hemsworth is the patriotic hero - the heart of the audience still belongs to Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman. For two decades. Overall, too, has the vague impression of having seen it all before. If, of course, several sizes smaller - but with more heart. The curse of continuation. But everyone involved was aware of this trap - perhaps one of the reasons why Will Smith stopped calling for duty. Nevertheless: As a campaign blockbuster in XXXL format, “Independence Day: Wiederkehr” works extremely well. However, if you can still remember the comforting feeling when the credits rolled over the screen of the predecessor, you will be disappointed. Epic popcorn cinema - yes. Cult - no. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether 20 years of waiting were worth it."
- Kino.de

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Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Originally, Will Smith was supposed to Independence Day: return return, but the actor had become too expensive and so it is said in the film that Hiller, the character of Smith, died on a test flight.
  • With this film, Roland Emmerich shot his first sequel.