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iOS and iPadOS 14.3: New Features Leaked

iPhone and iPad users have the next update of their operating system in the house. Apple released the first beta versions of iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 over the weekend. The updates bring a whole range of innovations and could be available in a few weeks. Both developers and members of Apple's Public Beta Program are allowed to test; However, Apple temporarily withdrew the preliminary developer version on Thursday due to extensive server problems.

The news in iOS 14.3 affect various areas of the operating system. In some cases, they ensure that Apple finally makes functions that have long been announced available. This applies to the photo function, for example. Deise will allow images to be saved in Apple's ProRAW format in the future. This is a 12-bit file format based on Linear DNG that preserves more information and dynamic range data. So you can change the exposure and white balance later. Each file is around 25 MB in size, but the function is only available for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Pregnancy and cardio fitness

A new feature for tracking pregnancy has been integrated into the health app. Here, pregnant women can document the process - how exactly is still unclear. The fitness app now has a cardio fitness feature in connection with the Apple Watch. The computer clock can calculate this - and this also outside of sports tracking. The information is then viewed in fitness or the health app. The Home app receives new notifications when there are updates for existing devices.

In the future, this should also be possible directly in Home - but probably not yet and with the cooperation of the hardware manufacturers. The search engine in the Safari browser can in future also be switched to the eco-search Ecosia - in addition to Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. App clips, the mini programs introduced by Apple with iOS 14, can now be started from the control center or by means of a camera scan.

Gambling and finding devices

The operating system now supports the Playstation DualSense wireless controller from the Playstation 5 and the Luna controller from Amazon. This could make gaming in the browser more pleasant. The "Find my iPhone" / "Find my iPad" function has been revised internally and appears to be preparing to support the long-awaited UWB tracker AirTags.


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