Burlesque is a place to be

“Eve is not just vulgar - she made vulgarity socially acceptable”.

The iconic lady also has a real name, but it's not that sparkling. As the daughter of a Polish sailor and a woman from a good family, she mastered both extremes at an early age. The queen of Hamburg's burlesque scene became known for her funny shows in the Queen Calavera and her national commitment, which catapulted her into the Günther Jauch show “Wer wird Millionär”.

She moderates events, gives guided tours of the neighborhood in the Olivia Jones ensemble and has a wonderfully cheeky face. If you don't believe it, please click for the shameless interview.

You can convince yourself of her charms and qualities live at the annual Berlin Burlesque Festival, at which she regularly moderates. Her latest project is an accompanying performance based on erotic texts. You can hardly listen anymore, because there is spraying, fumbling and moaning in parallel. You will soon see her on TV on “Frauentausch” in a hardcore family. We are excited.

Eve can now also be seen with her outfits in the Sankt Pauli Museum. In the context of the Transformation exhibition, she will demonstrate her versatility.
For the soft drink Cola Rebell she shot viral spots together with Travestie-StarDevina Devilwhich you can see here. On the sunny Spielbudenplatz, after a successful manicure, Devina is faced with the problem of opening her Cola Rebel can without breaking off her freshly painted nails. My colleague Eve has her own method. But see for yourself.
In the other spot, Eve is so awake that she continues to celebrate her private party in the tub while Devina finally wants to leave.