How good are NYX cosmetics at Walmart

Which brands are cheaper in the US & must-haves. Moccha? :

Too Faced, Bliss, DDF, Tarte, Victorias Secret, Philosophy

those would be the brands that I would suggest immediately

Otherwise, browse through Target, Walmart, Walgreens etc. and just take a look

I don't know my way around silicone-free because I don't pay attention to it, sorry

MAC is already a good deal cheaper, lipsticks only cost the equivalent of around 12-13 euros, with you I think 19 and so on, so it's worth it if you wanted something anyway ... And of course the LEs are out earlier here

When it comes to more expensive cosmetics - definitely Too Faced, otherwise the new range from NYX is great (doesn't exist in DE yet and you don't know whether it spills over and the selection is generally larger here), REvlon, Rimmel, Almay, Milani etc. . in the drugstore segment

Otherwise difficult, the mass of brands and stuff here is incredibly overwhelming and after more than 18 months I still easily get 10 new brands in my beauty boxes slapped in front of my nose and hardly come after here myself - there is sooo much - the most fun is confused if you just browse the cosmetics departments at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Kohls etc. etc. - Disadvantage - there are often no testers

Besides Sephora, Ulta is also really great - Sephora is only better known internationally, but Ulta is just as good and they also have many exclusive brands and parts