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Dark wall paint - the Dos & Don‘ts

You can see them everywhere on Pinterest - dark walls. Dark blue, dark gray, black and the like have recently become very trendy. To ensure that a room with dark walls looks really good, there are a few things to consider. We'll show you the tips and tricks you can use to create a dark wall design.

You should consider the following when designing a room with dark walls:

  1. How dark colors affect the mood
  2. Dark walls in small rooms
  3. The color of the facility
  4. Wall decoration - ideas
  5. Furnishing style for dark walls
  6. What if my floor is dark too?
  7. The most common questions on the topic

How dark colors affect the mood

The color in a room has a huge impact on how we feel. Many people automatically think that a room painted white will brighten the mood and a dark room will cloud the mood. Thats not right. Take, for example, a room painted white with white furniture. It may look clean and elegant, but it can still feel sterile and cold. So light does not automatically mean warm and cozy.

And what about dark colors? Contrary to what you thought, dark walls often create cozy oases of well-being in which you feel particularly secure. For this to work, you should use a dark color with a warm undertone. This can be a dark gray with a red undertone, for example. If, on the other hand, you choose a dark gray with a blue undertone, the room quickly appears cool. In addition to the color, the furnishings are of course also important: carpets, pillows, floor lamps, wooden furniture and picture walls ensure an extra dose of cosiness.

Dark walls in small rooms

The answer is yes. However, you should then paint the long wall dark and not the short one. Because the long wall is highlighted by the dark color and the room appears larger. On the other hand, if you paint the short wall dark, it will be in focus and the room will appear smaller.

What about the ceiling? If possible, it should stay light. Because a dark ceiling quickly makes a small room feel oppressive.

The color of the facility

When choosing furniture, you can rely on contrasts. Complementary colors and light cream tones are ideal for furniture that is in front of a dark wall. To find out what the complementary color of the wall color is, all you have to do is take a look at the color wheel. The color that is opposite the wall color on the color wheel is the complementary color. On a dark blue wall that would be orange - a carpet with orange tones such as the Non Flying Carpet by Fatboy would be well suited here.

The room should of course not only consist of orange and cream-colored pieces - that would be a bit too much. For this reason, in addition to complementary colors and cream tones, you can also incorporate a few dark wooden furniture. They loosen up the look and ensure cosiness. Colors that are close to the complementary color of the wall color on the color wheel also work well. Furniture in the color of the walls should also be included so that the room image appears harmonious.

Wall decoration - ideas

A picture wall comes into its own particularly well with dark walls. This works best with pictures that are bright or colorful. Because everything that is light or colorful stands out particularly against dark walls. In the case of colorful pictures, you can use the complementary color or its relatives again. As with the furniture, you should also make sure that the wall decoration does not look too matchy-matchy - otherwise it can quickly look intentional. A good mix of bright and colorful pictures counteracts this. Something metallic or woody goes ideally with the picture frames. For example the Hickox House picture frame from MoMA.

Furnishing style for dark walls

After the question of the color of the furniture has been clarified, the question remains which style of furnishing goes best with a dark wall design. There are different options here and ultimately personal taste decides. However, the colonial style, shabby chic and the classic country house style work particularly well here. A lot of wood is used in all three as well as lots of pillows, carpets and floor lamps - things that make the room cozy. A minimalist furnishing style is less suitable for dark walls. Because here the cozy elements are often missing and too much free space creates sterile vibes.

What if my floor is dark too?

A dark floor is not an obstacle to dark walls. On the contrary, it can actually look really good. With a few little tricks you can ensure that the room does not appear too dark despite the dark wall and floor design. A few light-colored carpets work wonders here. They brighten up the room and make it cozy. Another tip: the wall on which the windows are located should ideally be painted light. The light color creates the impression that the entire wall serves as a light source and not just the windows. If you are brave, you can paint the other walls dark. This makes the light window wall a highlight in the room. A mirror on the opposite side of the window will also help you make the room brighter because it reflects light from the window.

The most common questions on the topic

What do I have to consider when painting?

So that the wall has the same color everywhere, you should not mix the color yourself if possible. The best thing to do is to go to the hardware store and have the color put together. You can also buy mixed colors from the factory there. When purchasing paint, make sure that all paint buckets come from the same batch. This ensures that the same color is used everywhere.

To get an even result, simply apply the paint in strips (vertically) while painting. Painting it all over the place is not a good idea, because then you run the risk of an uneven mural. It is also important that you wipe the roller well on the paint tray. When the wall is finished painting, you can apply a second coat if necessary. The adhesive tape (for covering the strips and Co.) should be peeled off immediately afterwards. Ventilate well, let it dry and the dark walls are ready.

Which wall color is trendy right now?

Black, dark gray, dark blue and dark mixed tones such as eggplant are particularly popular at the moment.

Matt or Glossy?

If you choose a dark wall color, then it is best to choose a matte tone. In this way, corners that are adjacent to a light-colored wall are not unpleasant and the two contrasts merge harmoniously. The light-colored wall should then also be kept matt so that a coherent room image is created.

Already knew? Matte colors are also particularly suitable for small rooms. Because a dark wall that is matt makes the room appear larger than a wall that shines.

We hope we were able to provide you with plenty of inspiration in this post and hope you enjoy redesigning your walls.

Guest contribution by Anne Catherine Bierbrauer