Can you hide highlights on Instagram

Instagram picks up the stories: highlights and archive available

Yesterday evening Instagram presented two new functions that users of Instagram Stories will particularly like. We are talking about the "highlights" and the "story archive".

We would like to briefly introduce you to what it is all about:

Story archive

With the story archive it is possible to "save" old stories in your own profile. This archive is only accessible to the account owner and is automatically activated by Instagram. There is a similar archive for "normal" Instagram posts.

At this point we will first share a photo from the official Instagram announcement and add a "how-to" to the whole thing as soon as we have access to the function.

In the middle screenshot you can see the user's archive. For better orientation there are date markings in the corresponding preview.

If a story element is clicked, it can be viewed again. There is also a small display of who has already seen this story and the story can be shared again. Probably within a new story or on Facebook, for example.

Behind the “More” navigation point, there is likely to be the possibility of restricting the visibility of the story or deleting the story element completely. There is also a button to define the element as a "highlight".


Highlights allow the lifespan of individual stories to be extended by anchoring them in a kind of "collection" in your own profile. You could also say that it is a public archive. Because the highlights are selected and activated precisely from the non-public archive (see above).

Highlights can be found on the user's profile page directly under their “bio” and can be scrolled through to the right. Depending on how extensive the bio is, the "normal" Instagram post can disappear completely from view.

Users can define any number of highlights and in this way even theoretically create a kind of “diary”. The highlights can be sorted freely. The story elements within a highlight can also be freely moved and arranged. However, it is not possible to edit a story element afterwards.

A title and a cover image can also be specified for each highlight.

What do i need this for?

The highlights in particular are a great function to keep important stories and story elements alive for longer than 24 hours. In this way, users and companies can sharpen their own profile in the network. In this way, individual products, product groups or services can be firmly and prominently anchored in the profile as a story.

Influencers, on the other hand, have the option of extending cooperations beyond the campaign period and in this way can generate additional attention and anchor references in the profile.

When can i use it?

Officially, both functions are now available in version 25 of the Instagram app on both iOS and Android. However, we cannot yet access it on our test devices and accounts. Since version 25 of the app has already been available for a few days, there are some indications that the functions will only be activated bit by bit by Instagram.

It is also possible that the archive will not appear until the current stories have expired and would normally disappear.

You can download the current Instagram version here:

[appbox appstore id389801252]

[appbox googleplay]