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Here is a list of enlightened people.

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Whatis enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a state in which people have permanently lost their "I". There is no longer any "person" perceived who is the doer. Enlightened people describe themselves as one with everything, free from social fears, free from the fear of death. You feel a constant inner peace with yourself and the world. They experience that everything happens through them and there is no one left to do anything. You can watch your thoughts without identification. These people learned that you are not matter, but space. The feeling for time is lost, it no longer has any meaning. Inside is an absolute love. You feel free from judgments, fear, stress and desires. You get the feeling that you understand everything.

The moment of enlightenment almost always comes in a sudden moment. Some have sought enlightenment for years and it has happened to them; others have it out of the blue without first knowing about enlightenment. But the majority of the enlightened were looking.

You cannot recognize an enlightened one from the outside. He looks like any normal neighbor. The difference is purely internal.

Under the following link you will find beautiful reports from people who describe enlightenment as a personal experience: Experience reports on enlightenment

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People who have achieved enlightenment

The term "enlightenment" is equated here with "awakening". There are stages in enlightenment. This is also called the degree of realization. It is said that enlightenment can cease to exist in the lower levels, and that enlightenment is permanent and irreversible in the upper levels. It has not been proven whether this is true.
Our ego is 100% an ego that is perceived by others.
There are many enlightened (awakened) people who experience enlightenment, but then get back their external perception after weeks, months or years. It always becomes problematic when they have started teaching and lose their state of enlightenment in the middle. Most keep their students in the dark and keep playing the enlightened one. Here you will find "The quirks and errors of the enlightened"

Below is the list of enlightened people

This affects enlightened people who have already died, as well as enlightened people who are still alive today. No distinction is made here between the terms "enlightenment", "awakening", "realization" or "realization". The degree of realization of "enlightened people" is not taken into account here. Anyone who credibly documents through his public appearance or his statements that his "I" has disappeared for most of the time, is included in this list as an enlightened person.

Only enlightened people who appear in public are listed here.
There are currently (as of 2019) around 20 to 30,000 enlightened people on our planet.

The enlightened Werner Abla s s wrote a review on this book on Amazon shortly before his death

Book about enlightenment and the enlightened. More than 20 enlightened ones are mentioned by name

Enlightened people have had this one experience, there they are real, but if you put their preached teachings on the scales of the substance, then you recognize belief and not knowledge.

Quote Werner A pale in his 5 star review: "I read the book practically in one go! ... Relentlessly true with himself, the author uncovered the mainspring of the" human machine ", whereby the so-called enlightened is by no means an exception. .. "

here on the cause of death of Werner Ab l a s s

Eckhart Tolle

Born in Germany in 1948, lived in England for a long time and now in Canada. Probably the most famous enlightened person currently living on earth. He became famous for his book "Jetzt", which became a world bestseller after Oprah Winfrey invited him on his show. Eckhart Tolle is one of the few who came to enlightenment without any previous contact with spirituality. One day in deep depression he said to himself "I don't want to live with myself anymore". Suddenly the thought arose: "Who is this I that I no longer want to live with? There are apparently two in me ..." and enlightenment happened. He then spent two years on park benches in London enjoying the peace he saw everywhere. If you want Eckhart Tolle as a speaker at your event today, it costs 15,000 euros ... plus expenses.
Also read: Critique of Eckhart Tolle

Born in Jamaica, he still has his rasta braid on the back, but now lives in Great Britain. Speaking very calmly, his tummy looks like a Buddha. You can also read Criticism of Mooji

American. Lived with Papaji in India for a long time. Gangaji got married after you woke up.

Eli Jaxon Bear

Gangaji's husband. To what extent he is enlightened is controversial.

Osho †

The most famous enlightened person in the world in the 70s to 90s of the last century. Born in India in 1931, died in 1990. He became known as Bahgwan who ran an ashram in Poona, India and attracted tens of thousands of Western and Indian disciples called Sanyassins. In 1989 he changed his name to Osho. Osho was known for his Rolls Royce collection. He owned up to 90 of them. He sometimes appeared in clothes that were reminiscent of extraterrestrial costumes. Osho preached free love.
Also read criticism of Osho


Red-haired German, who has lived in Pona India since 1979. She practiced excessive meditation for years and came to enlightenment in 1992 after staying with Osho, Ponjaji and finally Gangaji. Your English sounds wooden and very "German". She says she found a way to bring everyone to enlightenment. Called "Intensive Satsang"


Australian who is very pretty. She had her first awakening experience while she was raped when she was 16 years old. In her agony, she realized that the man who raped her was only love. He then let go of her.

Enlightenment - an inexplicable phenomenon

Karl Renz        
A "veteran" of the enlightened people. It happened to him in 1979 while he was sleeping. A second deep realization came in the mid-1990s when he recognized himself as one with all. He is the one who speaks the fastest and produces sensational capricious words. In addition to giving satsang and writing books, he also has a normal job: he is a painter. Karl Renz had stopped performing in public for about 2 years, but then came back.
Also read the criticism to Karl Renz


Tyohar is Israeli who came to Osho Komune in Puna in 1993 and merged there with the spirit of Osho (Osho no longer lived there). He then traveled through the Himalayas where his awakening and oneness experience happened. In 2000 he founded the spiritual village "Pacha Mama" in Costa Rica.


Book about a radical discovery and enlightenment

Find out something about yourself that knocks you out of your socks

This book is the most radical that I have ever written. I worked on it for three years. I am dismantling myself in it. I examined my own thoughts, and what I have discovered is absolutely amazing. Because it is not what you think that you think. And amazing: it also applies to the enlightened

Look at the book


After years of searching and wandering through Israel, Thailand, Japan, Nepal, the Himalayas, she experienced an awakening experience in India with Dolano. After that, Unmani lived in Australia and New Zealand for two years in tents, on buses and on the beach. Back in her homeland England, another moment of insight happened after an argument with a friend who scolded her "arrogantly". She then realized that she was no longer separated from anything.

Wayne Wirs    † 
American enlightened man who, after a long search over a period of 3 weeks, finally found enlightenment in September 2009. The decisive impetus was the observation of a frog in the forest, which he looked at for two hours.
He himself has the courage to say that he is enlightened. Wayne Wirs died on August 31, 2017.

Bentinho Massaro      

Dutch enlightened one who is one of the youngest of these days. Handsome, young, always gelled hair. He has also been called "Justin Bieber the Enlightened". He has a constant smile on his face. Be sure to read: Critique of Bentinho Massaro


Born in 1954 into a middle class family in Australia. Was in the vicinity of Osho from 1979 until his death in 1990, who also gave him his name Vishrant. First experience of awakening during a self-exploration in 1987. In 1998 and 99 in the presence of various teachers, he had several more experiences of enlightenment.

enlightened people

Sai Baba †

1926 to 2011. Indian guru who is said to be able to work miracles. Especially materializations. He had practiced it again and again in his events: suddenly objects appeared in his hand. He was and is revered as a superman in India. Up to 20 thousand people came to his events. The founder of the "Hard Rock Café" Isaac Tigrett tells in his biography that one day in America he came off a street in his car at night and almost bled to death when a man suddenly appeared from the street, but then saved him again disappeared without a trace. Years later, when he happened to see a photo of Sai Baba, he recognized this man again. He then bequeathed a large part of his fortune to him. Also read Criticism of Sai Baba


Palestinian-safe itinerant preacher who lived from 3 BC to 31 AD. Next to Buddha, he is the enlightened one who has caused the most waves in human history. It is believed that about half of the quotations in the Bible are not from him, but were put into his mouth. Jesus was apparently able to perform so-called "miracles". He died a martyr's death on the cross for his teaching. His message is probably the most misunderstood message of all enlightened ones. His successor organization only made an external code of conduct out of it and also hugely overrated the companions around Jesus. Neither his mother Mary, nor Paul, nor the apostles were themselves enlightened. When Jesus speaks of the "Kingdom of God" or the "Kingdom of my Father", he is talking about enlightenment.
Also read Criticism of Jesus

Mansur Al-Hallaj   †   

Sufi who lived in Persia from 857 to 922 and died in Baghdad. He is probably the most famous enlightened person from the Muslim tradition. He was initially locked in dungeon for statements such as "I am the absolute truth" or "There is nothing but God under my turban" or "I and God have become one" or "My self is God so much that I am not remember my name once ". After 11 years in prison, he was tried. When he was led out of the court, another Sufi asked, "What is love?" He replied "You will see it today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow". He was sentenced to a cruel death. One by one, all of his extremities were cut off while he was still alive. While having his legs, hands and arms cut off, he never stopped repeating "I am the truth" and he kept smiling. Finally, his tongue was cut off. He even smiled when his head was cut off. When his legs were cut off, he said: "With these legs I walked over the earth, now it's only one step to heaven, cut it away if you can." When his hands were cut off, he walked the bleeding stumps over his face to give it a red color and said, "I've lost a lot of blood and I'm pale, not that you think it's scared"

Suzanne Segal †  

American from 1955 to 1997. The amazing thing happened to her: at a bus stop in Paris she suddenly lost her "I", but for more than ten years she did not know how to place it, and was passed on from one psychiatrist to another. She suffered terrible anxiety from trying to treat it as something "abnormal". Only towards the end of her life did she know that her "enlightenment" had happened. She became famous for her book "Collision with Infinity", which describes her life.

Enlightenment is like family - only in description is it ideal.
The real enlightened ones are the reality

There is no such thing as self-love. Psychology has fed us a fantasy for 130 years.
Read why you will forever fail to love yourself.
Read why you will forever fail to create your self-worth.
Read why the phrase “love your loved one as yourself” is an impracticable illusion.

Read why even the greatest leaders, the greatest spiritual sages, always fool us. There are no authorities that we can really trust. Nobody!

Read why even the enlightened teach only bogus knowledge.

Look at the book


Born in India in 563 BC, died in 483 BC at the age of 80. He lived in the same age as numerous Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Heraclitus and Pythagoras. Besides Jesus, he is the one who left the greatest aftermath in the period that followed. Buddha (similar to "Christ") is the honorary designation for an enlightened one. Buddha was actually called Siddharta Gautama and came from a royal family. At the age of 29 he left his parents' palace with the declared goal of finding enlightenment. After years of attempts such as fasting, nude running, begging, meditation and trying out various methods of famous religious teachers, he finally sat down under a Bodhi tree at the age of 35 and vowed not to get up from there until he was enlightened. It finally happened to him after sitting there for several days. Budda gathered monks around him who also achieved enlightenment in his presence and carried on his teaching. Buddha himself assumed that his teaching would only last about 500 years.
Read also Critique of Buddha

Om C. Parkin

Enlightened since a car accident in 1990 and the accompanying near-death experience. With the help of his teacher Gangaji, he was able to maintain this state. Om Parkin and his association acquired the ruling Saunstorf estate in Mecklenburg, renovated it with his supporters and created a center there where his retreats and darshans have been taking place since 2010. Parkin has English roots and therefore speaks very good English. Exceptional are his long, nested, print-ready sentences, in phonetically flawless High German, which he speaks in a way that otherwise only stage actors who have been trained for many years do. He is also famous for his pauses in the middle of his remarks, which can sometimes be 30 to 50 seconds long. He has a son who was born around 2005/2006. Om C. Parkin rejoined the Catholic Church in August 2013 after more than 30 years.
See also Critique of Om C. Parkin


Enlightenment is a reality

Mario Mantese 

The most famous living enlightened person in Switzerland. He used to play bass in the internationally successful soul group Heatwave. In a cocaine and heroin drug intoxication in London, he attacked his girlfriend, who was holding a knife in front of her protectively. During the fight that followed, he was stabbed in the heart with a knife. After waking up from the coma in which he experienced wandering the afterlife, he realized that he was enlightened. Since this knife attack, Mantese has been severely handicapped and his articulation has been affected. Today Mario Mantese (also called Master M) fills halls of up to 1,800 people. His meetings only take place in Switzerland. Mantese lets stories spread in his books according to which he could perform so-called "miracles". In addition to healings, there are also reports in his books where he was present in several places at the same time, or where in a thunderstorm he told the clouds to rain only to the side of him and his companions. Elsewhere there are reports where he opened car doors without a key or commanded retractable street posts to lower and raise again, or a report where he appeared to a woman who was three times his height, flooded with light.
Also read criticism of Mario Mantese

Ram Dass   

UNITED STATES. Born 1931, died December 2019. Was a Harvard Professor for 5 years (1958 to 1963) and then experimented with mind-expanding drugs like LSD. He founded several projects, including a spiritual aid project for prisoners. There is no narration of an awakening experience from him. In this respect, his enlightened status is not assured. Ram Dass had been paralyzed on one side from a stroke since 1997.

spiritual teachers

Richard Sylvester  
Great Britain. He was enlightened on a platform in Central London Railway Station. A second awakening later in a clothing store. He was a psychiatrist before he was enlightened. Richard Sylvester was a student of Tony Parsons and wrote the book "I hope you will die soon".

Ramana Maharshi  
The cult figure of all enlightened ones. He was born in India in 1879 and died in 1950. He was enlightened at the age of 16 thinking about his death and asking himself "Who is dying?" Then he left his parents and lived for three years in a cave on Mount Arunachala. By being absorbed in divine awareness, he forgot to eat, became emaciated, neglected his body, and insects ate their way into the flesh of his legs. A yogi who recognized his enlightenment gave him food and took care of his body. Ramana Maharshi was silent for about 5 years of his life, he answered the first questions in writing. Practically all enlightened ones living today recognize him as one of the most fully realized people. Ramana died of cancer. More Ramana Maharshi website.

Also read Criticism of Ramana Maharshi

Nisargadatta †

1897 to 1981. Indian enlightened man who became a magnet for western seekers when 1973 fromMaurice Frydmana book by him was also published in the West. He came to enlightenment by repeating the words "I am" over and over again for years. Nisargadatta looks least like an enlightened one. Harrassed face, smoking cheap Indian cigarettes, and in his speeches always a tendency to aggressiveness, sometimes even to choleric. He is seen as the great Indian advaita representative alongside Ramana Maharshi. Admirable how, despite his throat cancer, until shortly before his death he continued to hold the regular meetings while in pain as hell. He refused medical treatment until the end.
Also read Criticism of Nisargadatta Maharaj

Samarpan - New now Soham

Born in San Francisco in 1941, now lives in Frankfurt. Is probably the most famous enlightened person in Germany. Samarpan was with Osho for a long time, from whom he also got his name. He woke up during a retreat from Gangaji in 1995. Samarpan gives multi-day satsangs in different cities in D, A, CH, which are broadcast live online. There are always around 550 people online. Samarpan only speaks US English, which is always translated into German sentence by sentence in his meetings. He says that his body "needs meat". He renamed himself in Soham after a stay in India with Shivkrupanand Swami in 2017.

Read also criticism of Samarpan

David Hawkins  †

Born June 1927, died September 2012. American who worked very successfully as a psychologist. After his awakening, Hawkins withdrew completely from the public into solitude for 7 years and then had to learn "interpersonal behavior" again in order to be able to interact with people "normally" again. He became famous with his method of the "muscle test", according to which one can measure consciousness and assign it to numbers from 1 to 1000 and according to which enlightenment begins at 600.

See also Critique of David Hawkins

Book about enlightened people and a great discovery

There's a new, revolutionary discovery I've made in myself. It's really new. It is a phenomenon that must exist in every human being without it being recognized until now. Even with enlightened ones, this phenomenon exists without their knowledge.

I feel like Charles Darwin with the discovery of evolution. Darwin challenged the whole system of belief in the world at that time. This book is the most radical that I have ever written.

Look at the book

Michael Barnett     
Although listed as an enlightened one, it is not in my opinion. He himself says that he only "acts from the void" during his seminars, otherwise not. He is better known for his therapeutic, healing sessions where people fall into uncontrollable trance because of his energies. Barnett, born in 1930, is married and has two (young) children.

Indian enlightened man, 1910-1997, who was a disciple of Ramana Maharshi. After Osho's death, Papaji became the place of pilgrimage for many seekers who are now enlightened. Gangaji, Om Parkin, Muni, Mooji, Samarpan, Dolano ... and many more.

Read also Criticism of Papaji

Francis Lucille
French enlightened man who had a career in science but gave up because of his quest for enlightenment. His first awakening was reading a book by Jiddu Krishnamurti. Then two years later, he was sitting at home with two friends to meditate. Suddenly the two Sanskrit songs began to sing. These triggered a second deeper awakening experience in him, in which he lost his "I" forever. Francis Lucille speaks good English.


enlightened people


is German. Lives withdrawn in a hermitage in northern Italy and no longer gives satsangs. He only writes books and wants no photo of him to exist. He expresses himself very cryptically in his books, because he feels obliged to the ancient Indian teachings and therefore uses the spiritually correct Sanskrit vocabulary. Not easy fare, understandable perhaps for those who are already enlightened, but for seekers it contributes to confusion rather than clarification.

You can also read Criticism of Raphael

Muni (weaver)
Real name is Michael Weber. At the age of 18 I had my first short unit experience (satori), but it passed again. He visited countless teachers in the course of his life. Including Ponjaji, Osho, Mataji Nirmala Devi, Samarpan, Michael Barnett, Gaia, Amma and Raphael. Then on November 23, 2004, at a Samarpan satsang, a deep awakening experience - He said to Samarpan before it happened that one day he would be enlightened just like him. Samarpan replied: "What do you want to wait for? You can have it now". Suddenly Muni's "I" fell away. Samarpan told him that the condition would remain, but he was wrong. His "I" kept coming back. From then on, Muni experienced an ever deeper realization, up to a sudden second awakening experience, where he was seized by a deep realization of oneness with everything and his ego disappeared permanently. Muni lives near Frankfurt and gives online satsangs every Wednesday where you can ask questions. There are always around 50 people online.

Read also criticism of Muni Satsang (Weber)

Jiddu Krishnamurti   †   
1895 to 1986. An enlightened man, for whom an organization was founded in 1911, and he was installed as its head. Krishnamurti dissolved this organization in 1929 with his now famous speech. With the mountain foundation "Enlightenment cannot be organized, enlightenment is a pathless land".

Also read Criticism of Jiddu Krishnamurti

There has always been enlightenment

Tony Parsons
English people. Illuminated while walking in a park, when he thought while walking slowly that this one step could never be repeated again. His book is called "As it is". Tony Parsons practically always gives only one answer to any question. "There is nobody ..." He sometimes drinks a wine at lunch.

Master Eckhart         
lived from 1260 to 1328. He is an enlightened person from the Christian environment, one of the very few next to Jesus. One can see from his texts that he was enlightened. Quote: "Man must get out of all images and his ego and become even distant and unequal when he is the sonbecomewants, in the father's heart ". Meister Eckhart is the most famous figure of Christian mysticism. Eckhart Tolle, who was formerly called Ulrich Tolle, took his first name from Meister Eckhart. Meister Eckhart was found guilty of heresy by the Inquisition. He died before the judgment could be conveyed to him.

Barbara Vödisch

Lives in Chiemgau. She was raped twice in her youth. She woke up after she had finished delivering the last of her three channeled books. She awakened without prior contact with enlightened masters or spiritual books.

(Zeno) Elke Eisenhut

She was married with children and experienced her wife and mother role as a martyrdom. She came to enlightenment through Om Parkin, in whose environment she used to teach again and again. She fell out with Om Parkin and in 2015 dropped the name "Zeno" that Om Parkin gave her. Elke Eisenhut lives in Baden Baden

Byron Katie

Byron Katie wanted to live according to the template of an intact, successful California model family. Successful business womanandhappy mother of three children. However, for the last 10 years before her awakening, she lived in deep despair, self-accusation and depression. In the end, she had to undergo therapeutic treatment for drug addiction, violence, alcohol and food addiction. Alongside Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie is one of the few enlightened people who suddenly came to enlightenment from a deep hole in 1986, at the age of 43, without prior contact with spirituality. Today best known for her books "Loving What is" and her method "The Work", with 4 questions to recognize the cause of everything in oneself.

You can also read Criticism of Byron Katie

Andrew Cohen

Controversial wisdom teacher from the USA. Although he was with Papaji, who is said to have confirmed that he was enlightened, this cannot be confirmed from his videos and books. In 2013 he admitted that he was not enlightened himself and stopped teaching for an indefinite period of time. In 2016 he came back and is active again.

Rania Blue (or RaniaLuciaBlue) 
Relatively re-enlightened. First awakening in 2008, but then she fell back into darkness. Last deeper enlightenment experience in 2011. Since then she has been stable in unity consciousness. Exceptional phenomenon among the enlightened, because she says of herself that she is enlightened. Few dare to do that. Your website says: "Rania has no fixed income and no fixed place of residence". She lives on donations. She offers a course to apply for for those who "really want to take the final step to enlightenment". Called "The Miracle"

Read also: Criticism of Rania Lucia Blau

Gabriele Rudolph       
Enlightened one who admits to having relapses again and again. "I still don't". Before she woke up, she lived in France for a few years in the ashram of the Vietnamese monk Nhat Hanh Thich, but left him disappointed. She had two awakening experiences, each with her satsang teacher Vanessa van Echten. The first time her "I" fell away and she experienced a "fall in love" with everything. Later, again at Satsang, Vanessa put a book down for her, on the first page of which was the sentence: "There is nobody who has a choice", after which she experienced the second awakening experience. She recognized "everything is one" and "there is only that". Gabriele Rudolph lives in Hamburg.

Also read: criticism of Gabriele Rudolph

All enlightened ones are also spiritual teachers

Richard (Rick) Linchitz† 

US American 1947 - 2013. He was a doctor and a passionate amateur athlete, until one day he was diagnosed with lung cancer and his success-oriented life plunged into a deep crisis.
He could neither continue practicing as a doctor, nor continue practicing his beloved sport, nor play the caring family man. In his great desperation, he threw himself with all his energy into the spiritual search for enlightenment, which he had already pursued before, but only as one of many elements that he thought he still had to have as a successful person.
Now it became his only obsession. He visited countless spiritual teachers and, among other things, went to India to see awakened masters. One day the teacher Satyam Nadeen said to him during a retreat in Costa Rica "Conciousness is all there is - and you are that" and he woke up. As a result, his body inexplicably healed.
Lung cancer came back a few years later and he died on May 13, 2013

Jeff Foster

Young British enlightened man, born in 1980. As a student of astrophysics at Cambridge University, he became highly depressed in his mid-twenties, became ill and wanted to kill himself several times. He locked himself in his parents' house for a year and read all he could about awakening and spirituality. In his deepest desperation, he suddenly realized one day in his room that the chair is not a chair, but an oneness disguised in chair, and he was enlightened. Jeff Foster answers almost every question by stating that there is nothing you can do, or that there is no one who can do something. He seems a bit boring with his findings. Foster is very popular and is an avid YouTube video creator.

Also read "Criticism of Jeff Foster"

Lisa Cairns

British enlightened who looks pretty too. Had a near death experience at age 6 and has been searching for the ultimate truth ever since. In 2008 she definitely lost her "I".

Christian Meyer

German. After many years of spiritual search, he met his teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear (husband of Gangaji) in 1998, who told him that waking up is possible already in this life. From then on he consciously strived for it. One day sat down and experienced falling into an infinitely deep shaft, which at some point widened and its falling became floating.
Christian Meyer, who speaks a style similar to former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, is a full-time psychotherapist, lives in Berlin, and combines many psychological concepts (Enneagram, family constellations, NLP, hypnosis, gestalt therapy) with his teaching.

You can also read criticism of Christian Meyer

Jed McKenna

US enlightened man who wrote three spiritual books. In "Darn Enlightenment" he describes in a novel-like style how he spent between 1988 and 2000 in Iowa in his home with seekers and taught there. It is discussed in many Internet forums that this book is a made-up story and that this house never existed.
So that all biographical data about him must be provided with a question mark. His teaching, however, is very radical and uncompromising.

Ramesh Balsekar   † 

1917 - 2009. Ramesh Balsekar was born in Mumbai but was raised in the West. He made a career as a manager in India and even became President of the Bank of India. After retiring, his search for enlightenment led him to Nisargadatta.
After less than a year with Nisargadatta and translation work for him, Balsekar came to the "final knowledge" and was authorized by Nisargadatta as a teacher shortly before his death. Ramesh Balsekar also has quite a few critics.

Yolande Duran

French (born 1963) who suddenly experienced her enlightenment without any contact with spirituality.
In contrast to Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie, she did not go through a valley of depression, worst self-accusation and thoughts of suicide before. She was a completely normal woman, whose thoughts just stopped out of the blue in her living room at home one day in the summer of 2003 - silence returned and this silence has never left her since then.
Two months after this experience, her only son died in a car accident and everyone around you thought she was in a deep rigor because they could not see her crying, collapsing, or grieving - but in truth she was inwardly unmoved by this Death.
Yolande Duran has no spiritual vocabulary and calls the indescribable, the energy behind everything, "this thing". As one of the very few enlightened people, she says that she no longer experiences anger.
Your talks (satsangs) are always translated from French into German or English.
In my opinion, Yolande Duran is one of the most fully realized enlightened ones of our day.

Read also criticism of Yolande Duran

Robert Adams †

American who lived from 1928 to 1997. He saw his awakening at the youngest age ever recorded. Robert was 14 years old when he was doing maths at school.
As always, he was unprepared because he knew that if he said "God, God, God" three times in a row, the answer would be given to him. This time he said "God, God, God" again, but instead of solving the problem, the awakening happened to him.
At the age of 18 he moved to the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi in India, where he stayed for a long time. Adams suffered from Parkinson's disease at the end of his life.
He has never published a book, only dialogues of him are recorded.

Anssi Antila

Berliner, born 1979. Enlightened man who came to enlightenment in January 2009. Like Yolande Duran, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, he had no previous contact with spirituality. He had given the book "Jetzt" by Eckhart Tolle to a friend, assuming it was a time management book.
When his friend suddenly wrote him an email from his vacation: "I want to run around naked and give everything away", he bought this book himself and began to read it. After reading the first few pages, enlightenment happened to him. After that he was in a state of "happiness, freedom, peace and security" for months.
He says that this "bliss" became too much for him at some point.Before his enlightenment, Anssi worked as a "pick-up artist" for three months - he approached beautiful women on the street twice a week in order to lose his fear of women and to be more successful with women. He reports that it was one of the best experiences of his life as a person.

Read also Critique of Anssi Antila

Werner Ablass    

Werner Abla s s, born 1949, died in December 2018. He worked as a fitter, truck driver and organ builder. He was a member of the fundamentalist Christian Pentecostal church for almost 20 years and acted as an itinerant preacher there. But in the course of time he found the Christian faith more and more "ridiculous" and finally left the group in 1986. From 1987 onwards he worked for seven years as sales manager at Beiersdorf AG before he successfully set up his own business as a management trainer and NLP master in 1994. In July 2004 he went to India to see Advaita master Ramesh Balsekar (see above) in Mumbai, in whose presence he finally realized his true nature with overwhelming clarity. He realized: there are deeds, but no perpetrators. He describes his current consciousness as irreversible. Since then he has mainly worked as an author and coach. A total of 20 books have appeared since his awakening.
Read about the death of Werner A b l a s s here

Wayne Liquorman

Enlightened since April 1989, in the presence of Ramesh Balsekar. He is a former alcoholic, coke maker, drug addict and was a student of Ramesh Balsekar. His best known book is called "The Way of Powerlessness". In this book it tries to unite the teaching of Advaita with the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous. At first he did not want to teach publicly until Ramesh Balsekar asked him to do so in 1996. He holds regular talks at his home in California, but also speaks in locations around the globe.

Also read "Criticism of Wayne Liquorman"

Find out something about yourself that knocks you out of your socks

Check out the book "Enlightened, But No Clue"

From here you will find the alphabetical collection of all known enlightened / awakened

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Indulgence Werner (died)
Abram Cheryl
Adams Robert (died)
Aigner Patrick
Al-Hallaj Mansur (died)
Altepost Vincenzo Kavod
Amma Amritananda
Ananta Kranti
Annamalai Swami
Antila Anssi
Ash Tracey
Atmananda Swami Udasin
Floodplain (Amandan) Bastian
Aurobindo Sri
Avinash Sri
Baba Sai (died)
Baba Meher
Baba Shivapuri (died)
Babajan Hazrat
Babaji (died)
Bailey Darryl
ball Martin W.
Balsekar Ramesh (died)
Banerjee Romans
Banking Zen Master (died)
Barnett Michael
Batchelor Stephen
legs Andrea
Bennett Francis
Bertoliatti Patrick
Blanchflower Clare
Blue (rania) Lucia
Bliss Caroline
Bodian Stephan
Borel Henri
Brañas Pedro
Brendel Ramon
Burner (premdas) John
Bruges Torsten
Buchberger (Abhilasha) Martina
Buckley - Venu Kay Marie
Buddha (died)
Busam Renate
Cairns Lisa
Carrapa Sirio
Castaneda Carlos
Castillo Roger
Chacksfield Adam
Chandrasekara Bharathi
Chappell Jeffrey
Chidvilasananda Gurumayi
Chinmayananda Swami
Chinmoy Sri
Chödrön Pema
Christofides Kikis
Cielinski Tobias
Ciunaite Ilona
Clair Linda
Cohen Andrew
Dalian Mada
Damian Michael
The Tom
That R.A.M
David John
Davis Roy Eugene
Davis Fred
De la Moriniere Marlies Cocheret
de Ruiter John
De Santiago Luis
Dev Ji Nanak (died)
Deva Sathya
Devi Mataji Nirmala (died)
Devi Ramaja & Ananda